We are a specialized knowledge process outsourcing firm located in the Indian capital. Unlike most Indian outsourcing service providers, we focus only on finance and accounting processes. This helps us allocate resources towards developing functional expertise in our chosen area. We do only a few things but we do them better than most!

PB Tech Impact Solutions is founded by an IIT-ISB (one of the top business schools in Asia, with tie-ups with Wharton, Kellogg and London business schools) alumnus with experience in management consulting at a leading Indian business group. Comprising of qualified accountants, CPAs and MBAs, our organization caters to the outsourcing needs of an often overlooked market- Small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  Our Genesis  

Our genesis lay on a simple yet powerful insight: Outsourcing is a business reality today for small medium enterprises.


Outsourcing’s multiple advantages like lower costs, faster turnaround time, and greater focus on core functions are hard to ignore for you and even more for your competitor. Outsourcing has become a key component of competitive strategy of most large Fortune 500 companies.


Many major outsourcing service providers in India are focused on providing services to large companies. Hence they would not be able to cater to the unique outsourcing needs of small medium enterprises. These needs include outsourcing a few seats, low outsourcing rates, customized pricing structures among others. Further the attention required by SMEs during the process migration and the initial phase of outsourcing can be better provided by small outsourcing service providers.


This understanding is at the heart of everything we do- services we provide, technology we employ, expertise we develop and most importantly costs which we incur!


We invite you to explore our services, technology, infrastructure and us

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