Medical Equipment Financing and Sourcing from USA
  Medical Equipment Financing
  • Mid Term financing of five-seven years is offered through government, private, and bank guarantees for purchase of equipments and services from US-based suppliers
  • Our advisory team works with health sector companies by consulting them in securing funding through our private and institutional sources in trade banks and Ex-Im agencies in USA and European countries
  • Attractive interest rates ranging from LIBOR+50 bps to LIBOR+200 bps
  • Transaction range of $1 MM-$100 MM USD for single and multi-supplier/buyer transactions
  • Financing arranged through single or multiple US trade banks/financial Institutions by our advisory team
  • Financing covered by comprehensive guarantee support of US Ex-Im Bank
  • Importers can also avail of this financing option provided a end buyer/user of equipments
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  Medical Equipment Sourcing
  We also help Indian companies' access low cost latest technology driven medical equipments from North America across multiple channels such as sell-offs from hospitals, distributors and auction houses.

Medical Equipment sourcing across Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedic, Oncology, Eye and Dental Care equipments, diagnostic equipments such as x-ray and ultra-sound machines, general hospital equipments such as digital beds and other medical practices.
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  About Us
  We are a 25 member financial advisory firm headquartered in Manhattan (New York) with offices in New Delhi. The firm's senior management has extensive management consulting and investment banking experience in organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Tata Industries among others.

We help Indian companies raise ECB financing (project and equipment finance), M&A financing and local US debt financing such as lines of credits from banks in North America. We have about 87 banks and financial institutions in our network including WellsFargo, Citibank, HSBC, Chase-Manhattan, PNC Bank among others. We have raised USD 300 mn cumulatively in financing in the last four years.
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  Contact Number: 91-11-41606754
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