Useful QuickBooks Reports

  Company & Financial
  Balance Sheet    
  Profit & Loss  
  Statement of Cash Flows  
  Expenses by Vendor Summary (tracks costs broken down by vendors)  
  Income by Customer Summary (tracks sales broken down by customers)  
  Job Related Reporting (Useful for Construction Cos. and Contractors)
  Job Profitability Detail  
  Job Profitability Summary  
  Profit & Loss by Job  
  Unbilled Costs-Job  
  Customers & Receivables
  A R Aging Detail  
  A R Aging Summary  
  Collections Report  
  Open Invoices  
  Vendors & Payables
  A P Aging Detail  
  A P Aging Summary  
  Unpaid Bills Detail  
  Vendor Balance Summary  
  Sales by Customer Summary  
  Sales by Item Summary (tracks sales performance of current product mix)  
  Sales by Rep Summary  
  Open Purchase Orders (Useful for manufacturing and retail firms)  
  Purchases by Item Detail  
  Purchases by Vendor Detail  
  Inventory Stock Status- Item (Useful for mfg., wholesale and retail cos.)  
  Inventory Valuation Report (Useful for mfg., wholesale and retail cos.)  
  Employees & Payroll
  Employee Earnings Summary  
  Payroll Detail Review (lists all deductions and wages paid-employee wise)  
  Payroll Item Detail  
  Payroll Liability Balances  
  Payroll Summary  
  General Ledger  
  Trial Balance  
  Bank Related
  Check Detail  
  Deposit Detail  
  Last Reconciliation Report  
  Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual (tracks variances from budgeted values)  
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