QuickBooks Clean-Up Services  

Typical QuickBooks related Issues faced by small businesses


Q- I setup QuickBooks myself and am not sure if I have set it up in the right way. Can you make sure that QuickBooks was set up properly?


Ans- Yes, we can review your QuickBooks program to ensure that it is set up correctly. If there are problems, we can correct them.


Q- The numbers that QuickBooks throws up seem to be off. I have not been able to find out the source for these discrepancies. Could you help me sort out this issue?


Ans-Yes, we would perform a detailed review of your QuickBooks program to locate the source of such problems and make the necessary corrections. Our in-house and proprietary clean-up checklists and error finding procedure ensures that we identify even small errors that can create imbalances in the final financial statements. Once your QuickBooks program is in order, your QuickBooks generated numbers should be correct.


Q- My speed of processing data and generating my financials and other reports has slowed down substantially. What is causing this deterioration in the performance?

  Ans- Many clients these days overload QuickBooks files with lots of unnecessary/unused data from previous times. This can choke your QuickBooks’s performance while the system constantly searches through obsolete and irrelevant records. Our staff can purge thousands of irrelevant vendors, clients, items, employees, and transactions as needed to trim down the file and increase performance. Archive your old file for reference purposes and use a cleaned-up, smaller file for ongoing accounting.  

Q- My chart of accounts is poorly organized with the following problems-


- multiple accounts for the same expense type/income type
- unnecessary expense accounts that I do not use
- negative balances in bank accounts, expense accounts, receivables accounts
- negative balance sheet accounts like opening balance equity
- high miscellaneous/general/ unaccounted expenses


Ans- If these are some of the issues that your organization faces, it is likely that these issues could significantly understate expenses, impinge on profitability and result in costly errors while preparing year-end financials and taxes. Most critically you would never realize the true position of your finances!! You could use our economical and effective clean-up service to get your books back in order. Interested but need more details, please contact us

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