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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Accounting Functions

Accounting is a requirement for all companies across industries. Therefore, hiring a in-house accounts personnel is a common practice. However, there is another alternative that most companies fail to consider due to misconceptions and other priorities. Outsourcing accounting tasks is a possibility worth considering. But is it the perfect match for you? Let us see […]

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Restaurant Accounting: How It’s Different!

If you are a restaurant owner, or a prospective accountant exploring various career avenues, you may have wondered how restaurant accounting might be different from other forms of accounting. It’s all relative and similarly structured in the full verse of accounting. However, there are key differences that diversify the field of accounting as per various […]

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Budget – The Key to Business Profitability

Every business needs to have a revenue target which they need to fulfill within a given time frame. There may be deviations from the path to achieving the objective, but eventually, we can attain the goal if we have a specific plan. The path or road map that we need is a budget, and it […]

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