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Best Strategic Entity Management Practices for Your Company

With the tremendous growth of the business structures, the management of these different businesses effectively has also become very complicated. Many corporations create separate entities. In order to achieve business goals, risk management of assets and regular regulatory compliance. The problems of cyber hacking, higher regulatory burdens and reputation risk have recently increased in the […]

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Finance & Accounting – Profit from Outsourced Accounting Services

To achieve success in business, we have to not only ensure that our existing customers are retained but also make concerted efforts to expand our horizons to acquire new customers. The bottom line for every business is profits, and we need to assess the contribution of each business function to the business profitability. One of […]

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The New Revenue Recognition Standard

For almost all entities barring a few like financial institutions, revenue is the largest single figure in the financial statements. The figure ascertains an entity’s financial performance and position. While it might be accepted that profit is generally considered the most important single pointer of corporate financial performance, revenue does not fall far behind. The […]

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