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7 Strategic Accounting Tips for the Success of Your Startup

Congratulations on starting your startup! Not all great ideas see the light of day, but your dream has turned into a reality. You have the product, the human resources and the marketing skills to ensure that your company takes the market by storm. There is, however, one major aspect that you need to address – […]

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Popular Real Estate Software

With increasing globalization, the real estate industry is rapidly crossing borders and has thus become a global industry. The real estate agents and property managers of today handle much larger portfolios than they used to. This has created a demand for sophisticated applications and software solutions so as to ensure convenience to the real estate […]

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Real Estate Accountant Job Description, Duties and Requirements [Infographic]

Real estate accounting or real estate property accounting requires strong acumen to process, track, and record the day to day transactions due to revenue recognition being more complex when compared to any other business. Hence, it requires a duly qualified real estate accountant to record, analyze, and report the real estate accounting transactions. The infographic […]

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