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US Real Estate Predictions: What You Should Expect in 2020

We are just a few days away from 2020, and naturally, everyone is curious to understand how the real estate market in the US will turn up in the coming year. With the real estate industry taking up a considerable portion of the US economy, we can expect a lot of changes in the next […]

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Steps to Choose a Perfect Accounting Outsourcing Service Provider

Outsourcing is a ‘one size fits all’ remedy that seems to help with cost-cutting initiatives in major corporations to small enterprises. It was the Fortune 500 Companies that first demonstrated that organizations could focus on customer service if they outsource non-core accounting activities to accounting outsourcing service provider. With communication and technology becoming more affordable, […]

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How your Business Can Benefit from a Lease Audit (Why Audit Your Leases)

Commercial leasing of space can be a complicated business. However, every business needs to lease at least one, or usually more kinds of commercial spaces, be it office, retail or warehousing. In spite of being an inseverable part of any business, most businesses lack the know-how of commercial leasing. It often happens that the rents […]

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