Advantages of Outsourcing BIM Services

  • March 12, 2018
  • admin@ohi

3D modeling for infrastructure may soon be a thing of the past. In fact, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is already being described as the successor to 3D modeling.

Don’t get us wrong – 3D modeling is still the way to go if when you want to see design prototypes of complex mechanical parts and their assemblies. But when designing buildings/stadiums/malls, we need a model of much larger scale with multiple intertwined systems like plumbing and electrification. Any such complex structure will involve multiple teams. Working in a collaborative setting can be a challenge on a 3D modeling software. BIM software is designed for collaborative use by designers, engineers, and contractors.

Are you thinking of Outsourcing BIM Services?

BIM offers tons of advantages to AEC professionals as compared regular 3D modeling. It not only helps you create better designs; it helps you design better systems around your envisioned buildings.

The real question, however, is whether to hire people to build an in-house BIM team or implement BIM outsourcing.

When you outsource your BIM services, you will experience optimization of processes first-hand. It may not even be about saving money at the end of your journey with a BIM outsourcing partner.

BIM outsourcing provider will manage your teams

Hiring expert BIM staff for your team takes weeks or months. You also have to ensure they stick with you. With outsourced BIM services, employee management is the outsourcing provider’s headache; they will worry about employees jumping ship because of a better opportunity.

If you decide to pause your BIM initiatives (or cancel them altogether) for any reason, you would have to worry about firing an in-house BI team. With outsourcing, the provider will simply move them to a different account.

Software Licenses and BIM process management will be outsourcing provider’s responsibility

Software licenses can be expensive and have to be renewed. Since the provider is executing these services in bulk, they get these licenses at a discounted rate and they manage the licensing renewals as well.

A provider will help you save time and cost of BIM projects

Apart from licensing costs, you can save money by outsourcing your BIM requirements to expert providers because they can be engaged only when needed. The money freed up by this “pay only when you use” model can be utilized for advertising and other not-so-important expenses which you had been postponing for months waiting for surplus funds.

Because the provider has been executing BIM projects, over time they build a huge bank of BIM expertise and you get to take advantage of their templates and score massive time savings

In Conclusion

Outsourcing is no more associated with sending work to India to get it done for lower costs. In AEC industry, it is more about offloading the management of BIM teams and BIM software and processes. You will save on costs by deriving from your provider’s expertise in BIM project execution. They will also help you engage/disengage BIM teams as and when you need them.

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