A Deep Dive into Yardi Voyager: Features and User Reviews

  • December 11, 2018
  • admin@ohi

What do you do before you take a dive? Feel the water a little, dip a toe or two and then splash!

This is exactly how we are going to do things here before you jump into the pool named Yardi, we will give you all that you need to know before you start using the software. Starting from the very basics, we will answer all your what’s, whys and how’s to give you as much clarity as possible to get an adequate idea of what the Yardi Voyager is and how exactly it works.

What is Yardi Voyager?

This real estate software has been designed keeping in mind both commercial and residential entities, to provide them with a standard platform for accounting and management functions. Another versatility of this cloud-based software is that it is perfect for both small real estate enterprises as well as big companies. Since its inception, it has been a revolutionizing platform in the world of real estate, a property management software that has the answer to all your market-specific questions at the click of a mouse.

What’s in Store for You?

Now, since you have got a basic idea of what it is and what it does, we will now move on to discussing the various features that it has to offer you.

# Centralized Data

It has a single, centralized location for accessing data and information which makes handling them a very simple task. This property management software organizes everything in one place, a single database. It also makes sure that the users are able to access all the accurate data whenever and wherever they like.

# Efficient Lease Administration

Tracking lease and administration is an integral part of real estate business, especially for those who deal with tenant services. The organized and well-planned lease administration offered by this real estate software will make it extremely easy for you to organize tenant information, lease terms etc. in a centralized location with hassle-free access.

# Increasing Business Intelligence

The fast and efficient analytics engine of Yardi Voyager has real-time information of property and financial data to make things easy for our users.

# Work from Anywhere

The Yardi Voyager also extends the facility of mobile apps which makes it possible for users to work from any place. Processing applications, maintaining leases, providing residential services, keeping up with other sellers, all that work can now be done from your tablet or phone itself!

Users Speak!

Such all-rounded performance of the Yardi Voyager introduced new horizons in real estate management and with great user satisfaction, most user reviews on the software are favorable.

  • “The best UI which makes it possible to use the platform easily and to navigate and access the data from any time and any place.”
  • “It enables you to pay bills, track leases, maintain finances and what not.”
  • “Very simple to use, very intuitive and the Yardi Helpful Tools make it even easier. It has all the answers to your property management questions!”

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