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Well managed human resources related processes are critical for maintaining employee satisfaction and administrative efficiency. The detailed recruitment procedures, complex employee benefit programs, high use of subcontractors, and increased focus on regulatory compliances in HR procedures is a growing reality in most businesses. This results in significant HR staffing costs, multiple compliance related processes and increased over-heads in most mid-size businesses. In addition, many businesses use technology in a limited manner in performing HR processes.

Outsourcing enables businesses to lower the staffing costs related to HR processes, leverage technology to simplify processes and also get access to current best practices in human resources. In addition, due to lower staffing costs associated with outsourcing, new roles can be created to improve the effectiveness and compliance of HR processes. We provide a comprehensive set of human resources related processes covering the most common requirements of small mid-size businesses.

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Our Services

Recruitment Processes

Recruitment is one of the most common and yet critical human resources processes. Recruitment processes entail knowing the client’s business, understanding role requirements and mapping prospective employee’s qualifications and skills to key characteristics of vacant job positions. It also requires familiarity with commonly used recruitment tools in United States including but not limited to Craig Lists,,, and LinkedIn.

The common activities are

  • Preparation of formal job postings based on client inputs and discussions including job characteristics, key qualifications, employee attributes, and other related parameters
  • Posting of Jobs in Craigslist, LinkedIn,,, and
  • Monitoring job applications, short listing them (based on pre assigned filters) and forwarding to client for approval
  • Searching suitable candidate research through LinkedIn (including use of advanced search features available to premium and recruiter members)
  • Custom search based on geographic area, industry, function, years of experience, designation and other relevant demographic parameters
  • Checking of references and background checks
  • Drug and Fitness test on regular interval as per job requirement
  • Initial interview calls to filter candidates (for junior profiles only)
  • Coordinating and arranging interviews at client premises

Filing Paperwork and Tracking Time and Attendance

HR processes generate a lot of paperwork related to recruitment, employee appraisals, employee testing, employee timesheets and related processes. Our outsourcing processes help you file these paperwork in easily accessible filing tools such Dropbox or Google Drive or filing cabinets. This helps save valuable time of senior managers, allows easy look-up of files in future and maintains a secure audit trail.

Keeping tracking of employee activity times, lunch breaks etc is important in most businesses particularly service and field staff based businesses. Proper filing of timesheets is necessary for compliance and billing purposes too.

We offer a range of filing and timesheet tracking services listed below:

  • Managing all joining & previous service document
  • Previous Employer document verification
  • Medical and Cognitive Tests Filing
  • Post-offer employment testing (POET) wherever required
  • Time and Attendance tracking through advance technology
  • Vacation Pay, Leaves and Benefits record
  • Wage and Hour compliance
  • Time Management with timely alerts to reduce overtime hours
  • Employee Timesheets & Tech Time log data compliance
  • Employee scheduling for optimum utilization of available employee hours
  • Maintenance technician and field staff time and GPS log tracking

Payroll Processing

An integral part of HR Process is accurate and timely processing of Payroll. While cutting paychecks, an employer has to combine all timesheets, vacation pays, and tax deductions carefully. We can provide you complete solution to tackle with the hassle of time consuming, challenging and complicated regulations.

  • Payroll processing including Gross and Net pay check calculations based on FUTA, SUTA, SS, Medicare, garnishments, and 401(k) deductions
  • Updated employee records and legal regulation
  • Live time access to view and analyze all payroll
  • Keep record of cash required before payroll processing
  • Timely deposit of all federal, state and other payroll taxes to avoid any late penalties
  • Security of all employee related information and records
  • Electronic filing of all state and federal payroll returns

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Travel, mileage and expense reimbursements are often the first activities that get delayed under other pressing deadlines. Regular delays in reimbursements, lack of consistent policy, improper filing and insufficient review often plague many reimbursement processes. Outsourcing solutions help in performing these processes effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. Outsourcing also triggers standardization of travel and expense reimbursement policies and improves filing of associated documents

  • Managing expense intend approval form
  • Approval of expense as per budgets and company policies
  • Updated employee reimbursement expense limits
  • Cash advance/ purchase card reload tracking such as Comdata cards, American Express, Corporate travel card and other popular travel and expense cards
  • Tracking employee advances and reimbursement forms
  • Reimbursement approval on the basis of supporting documents
  • Reconciliation of cash advances or purchase card accounts
  • Preparation of fuel worksheets, driver advance sheets and related documents (For logistics companies)

Performance Management System

The main purpose of Performance Management System is to design the system and processes in such a way that they are instrumental in achieving the organizational objectives at all levels

  • Designing and Developing a Performance Management system as per organization requirement
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) at organization, business unit, function and individual levels
  • Objective Setting and Performance Review

Other HR Services

Our services in Human Resource also include HR Policy Formulation and Employee Satisfaction & Engagement. This helps in Employee retention, enhancing performance & productivity and building a positive work culture.

  • Create, Design and implement an Employee Satisfaction & Engagement Survey which would be helpful in
    • Identifying factors causing employee dissatisfaction
    • Recommending appropriate corrective actions
    • HR Policy Formulation
  • Assist the company in preparing a well defined HR Policy manual.
    • A well defined HR Policies helps in identifying company goals, policies & procedures. Essential for employee satisfaction and building the desired organizational culture.

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