Outsource Accounting to India

  • June 5, 2015
  • admin@ohi

In general, outsourcing is a trend that has been on the rise due to several obvious advantages. The market place is a high-pressure environment. With competitors constantly cutting into your profit margins and market share, the only area that you can try and out do them is by being more operationally efficient. For the best result to be achieved, resources need to be collaborated and optimized. Therefore, the CFOs of many companies have deemed it practical and smart to entrust their accounting services to third party firms who specialize in these services and understand regulatory and compliance requirements for legal and taxation purposes.

With India emerging as a much sought-after outsourcing destination and meeting all global benchmarks, any companies worldwide, especially in the United States have outsourced their accounting services here. Many successful companies have popped up across the country in response to this rising demand. They have carved a special niche for themselves and have been successfully helping American companies streamline their operational models and gain better control over their data and analytics. Outsourcing companies in India have successfully helped their clients align their long-term goals with their everyday operations.

The outsourcing companies are comprised of a network of professionals dedicated to providing competent accounting services that include the standardization of certain accounting practices including recurrent transactions which makes the overall financial processing much simpler and clear-cut. In the long run it is highly cost-effective. Companies can leverage the collective expertise of this group of specialists and tap into their extensive industry knowledge. They can shift their focus entirely to the core of the business and its long-term goals as opposed to being engaged in the everyday drudgery of bookkeeping.

These organisations being highly customer-centric understand the specific requirements of their client and come up with the most effective solutions which usually tends to be beyond the competency of the company to do it on its own. Even some CPAs today outsource accounting services to overseas firms to save time required to train and supervise accountants and labor costs to hire and pay them. The fundamental logic behind outsourcing is increasing productivity and efficiency.

Also, many small or medium sized firms may not be able to procure in-house support for their financial services. Outsourcing with the US may not be viable either. For such companies outsourcing in India becomes an attractive option where they can acquire the services of a thoroughly professional organisation at very affordable prices and successfully run their business without unnecessary hassles. Even some larger firms may consider this to further reduce their operational cost.

There is also the added advantage of scalability and agility. There are times when your company will need to expand and consolidate; others where you may need to cut back either due to economic restraints or to rapidly pursue a short-term goal. This will be enabled due to the customized professional support that an outsourcing firm of experts can provide.