Outsourcing for Businesses

  • High expenditure in human resources and overheads accompanying business expansion constrains business potential of small and mid-sized companies

    Implication – Outsource accounts to eliminate fixed costs associated with expansion

  • Midsized companies compared to larger companies
    • spend a higher proportion of their revenue on back office services
    • maintain a greater staff count in Finance and HR functions

    Implication – Outsource bookkeeping and execute accounting outsourcing to enhance efficiency of operations

  • According to a study, finance and HR functions in mid-sized companies spend as high as 87% of their time in processing routine accounting and bookkeeping activities rather than strategic analysis and reporting
    Implication – Outsource bookkeeping accounting to focus more on critical business functions
  • Lack of access to real time financial data impedes faster decision-making
    Implication – Implement accounting outsourcing to enable faster turn-around time
  • Absence of specialized expertise in functions like HR ,accounting and bookkeeping results in lower productivity and process efficiency
    Implication – Outsourcing accounting to India brings in specialized expertise in accounting and bookkeeping