Sample Reports

Accounts Payable Processing

Property Management AP Manual Sample:
This manual details the standard operating procedure in a simple PO based accounts payable process. The process involved matching supplier invoices with pre-existing POs created by property managers, processing matched invoices, raising issues related to unmatched/overbudget invoices, and other related AP tasks. Process is being executed currently in Onesite. Click to View

Retail Chain AP Manual Sample:
This manual covers a standard operating procedure used in a complex multi-location accounts payable process for a chain of automotive retail stores. This process involved multi-item purchase invoice processing. It also covers bank reconciliation services in Peachtree. Click to View

Construction Company AP Manual Sample:
This manual covers a detailed process manual used in a construction accounting payable process in Timberline. This process involved three-way matching of POs, Invoices and Packing Slips/Good Receipts. It also involved multi-field input including cost-codes, job-codes, division codes, GL codes etc. Click to View

General Accounting Manuals/Checklists

Write-Up Manual: Instruction list used in simple cash accounting projects (write-up projects) of many small businesses clientele of one of our CPA clients. Click to View

Dashboard Sample 1:
Simple Dashboard highlights Key Performance Indicators in an IT maintenance services business. Dashboard also includes a customer profitability analysis for key customers. Click to View

Dashboard Sample2:
Comprehensive Financial Reports and Dashboards covering critical financial and operating parameters for a professional services company. Click to View