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Best Accounting Practices For Real Estate Investors

Investing is called the game of numbers and luck. With luck being out of one’s hand, knowing one’s numbers becomes the only possible factor that separates the good from the great. The numbers of any business lie in its balance sheets, and no investor can be great at what they do without knowing it like […]

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8 Must-Have Numbers for Evaluating a Real Estate Investment

Against what most math-allergic people might prefer, real estate investment requires a level of math. Thankfully, most of the calculations involved in a typical real estate investment are simple. Moreover, there are also a wide number of advanced tools available out there that can help you with the overall ease of real estate calculation. The […]

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Learn all About Rental Property Accounting

We understand that a real estate investor is burdened with loads of work which includes managing one or more properties, their maintenance, finding reliable tenants, and ensuring the overall profitability of the business. With all these responsibilities real estate accounting or bookkeeping tends to take a back seat. However, accounting for all the financial transactions […]

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