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Strategies for Optimizing your Accounts Payable

Are you losing your key suppliers due to an inadequate tracking system of recording the due dates for payments? Do you find that you are not able to avail the benefits offered by suppliers in terms of discounts offered for early payment? If these are regular problems faced by you, then you certainly need to […]

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Common Accounts Payable Challenges and Solutions

The amount owed by the business for the credit purchase of any goods or services is termed accounts payable. Accounts payable is vital for any business and a blunder in the accounts payable process can incur huge losses for the business. It plays a key role in shaping up cash flow, thus requiring constant monitoring […]

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Why Accounts Payable is Important for Cash Management?

How is the success or failure of a business judged? Profits. There are two main factors that affect the profits of a company the money that comes in and the money that goes out. Accounts Payable deals with the second part. Accounts payable deals with the money that the company has to pay to various […]

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