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Importance of Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is coined by two words ‘Book’ and ‘Keeping’ where ‘Book’ means the set of financial transaction and ‘Keeping’ means preservation.  So bookkeeping means the process of maintaining financial transaction.  Sales, purchase, earnings and payments are all carefully documented so that all the inflow and outflow of money is accounted for. Hence it is an […]

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How can Good Accounting Practices be Healthy for your Business

The word start-up is a trending word today! Almost every capable and aspiring entrepreneur wants to get a shot at them. What’s even better is that the stories of start-up success stories are ample which gives all of us more hope. But, on the flip side, the story is a little different! Start-ups do succeed […]

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Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services: How and Why it is Useful?

Despite being the most important part of every company’s daily routine, the recruitment, training and maintenance of a department of accounting personnel is not affordable for all. In today’s digital age, there is the added expense of constantly purchasing and updating licensed accounting software. More companies are beginning to realise the importance of outsourcing non-core […]

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