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Real Estate Accountant Job Description, Duties and Requirements [Infographic]

Real estate accounting or real estate property accounting requires strong acumen to process, track, and record the day to day transactions due to revenue recognition being more complex when compared to any other business. Hence, it requires a duly qualified real estate accountant to record, analyze, and report the real estate accounting transactions. The infographic […]

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Job Duties and Educational Requirements of a Property Accountant [Infographic]

People find accounting to be a really stressful job. Guess what? It really is! Accounting has to be done carefully – be it property accounting or accounting for a business firm, even if it seems like a mundane task. A person well-versed in accounting is well-off in handling this job. A Property Accountant is a […]

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Job Duties and Educational Requirements of a Senior Property Accountant

You need a property accountant in the finance department if you are working in real estate sector. When it comes to a senior property accountant, they need to have significant experience and formal education as they have to take care of the financial aspects of commercial, industrial as well as residential properties. Job Duties of […]

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