Technology Options Comparison

Bookkeeping/Payroll Process
Feature Server Based Remote Access Based Online Software Based Hosted Software Based
Data Location Our Outsourcing Center Client
Desktop PC
Accounting Software Provider Client Server/
/Third Party ASPs
Data Access by Client Download Data File from our Server On your own computer Data cannot be Downloaded -View Online Connect to Server through LAN/Internet
Data Access by the Service Provider Login to Online Doc. Management System By Logging into your PC Login to Software Provider Loginto Server
Software Functionality Available Full Full Limited Full
Hardware Required Own PCScanner/Fax Own PCScanner/Fax Scanner/Fax Scanner/Fax
Ease of Use(for Client) Medium High Low Medium
Data Backup Manual Manual Provider Dependant Automatic
Min. Transactions Per Hour 40-50 20-303 25-35 30-35
Ideal For Dial-up /Broadband
Internet Users
All Users withOwn PC and Good Net Connectivity2 Users Withoutown PC Mobile Users
Model Supported by Us
Size of Business Medium Small Large Medium
Example of Software FTP Server, QB Desktop Remote Connection Online Accounting Software, Drop Box Remote Connection to 3rd Party
We Recommend

Note :

1. In all these technology options, the source documents (check stubs, bank statements, credit card statements etc.) can be accessed remotely or copied to the PCs at the Indian end.

2. T1 or T3 connection- Servers/PCs should be accessible during US night time except for Software based & Cloud based options.

3. The processing rate in this option substantially varies based on the technology infrastructure at the client end.