Head of a CPA firm based in CA (USA)

Company Profile: A mid-size CPA firm based out of San Francisco, CA. Over the last three decades the company has assisted thousands of business owners through financial, business and tax consultations and services.

“I am very satisfied with the work our rep (bookkeeper) there does for us. He processes several different types of business accounts for me. I have my own unique requirements, and they follow instructions very well. They actually are a little higher in cost than some, but I had previously tried 2 others with lower rates and I was not satisfied with the service, and the cost was actually higher because it took them longer to perform the work, and I had to closely check the work they had done. With our rep, I am confident that they have followed my instructions once they are fully understood – and they don’t fall back. (meaning they don’t revert back to an old habit or a different way of handling the account – once they gets it that I want things a certain way, they have followed that precisely).

Their bookkeeper we use is now a key ’employee’ and I would lose a great deal of time and energy if I suddenly needed to replace him.

My experience with our bookkeeper there allows me to highly recommend the service.”