A Deep Dive into Yardi Breeze

  • October 4, 2019
  • admin@ohi

Yardi Breeze is a modern age property accounting and management software. Managing real estate portfolios can be a rather tedious and complicated task, but thanks to the IT geniuses at Yardi Breeze, we have managed to integrate an amazing piece of software that manages every acute detail of property accounting.

The best thing about Yardi Breeze is that you do not need any prior technical knowledge to use the software. It is an intuitive application and is very easy to install and use. Thus anyone and everyone can use the software without much hassle.

Yardi Breeze is stated to be a purpose-built software. This means that the application not only deals with listings and various other details about the property, but it also includes various tools like accounting, maintenance, owner statement, leasing and marketing.

This software was created, keeping in mind the complications that arise due to tons of paperwork.

What is astonishingly interesting is that Yardi Breeze also allows the users to access RentCafe, which is free. This helps the users widen their outreach and have their units filled most of the time.

Be it a big portfolio or a small one, Yardi Breeze makes sure your property accounting, and management experience is efficient and profitable at all times.

Let us have a look at certain benefits of Yardi Breeze.

Benefits of Using Yardi Breeze

1. Single Stop Platform

This software is known to be a purpose-built software, which means that it is designed to meet the basic requirements of your business. Be it large or small, Yardi Breeze makes sure it helps you navigate and manage through all your portfolios.

Be it residential, commercial, or even storage. If you are dealing with a single property or even multiple at the same time, Yardi Breeze makes sure your business benefits.

2. Calendar

Yardi Breeze comes with a calendar and a property map. These maps and calendars can be customized as per your requirements and can also add filters that will help you organize several properties to manage and look after.

3. RENTCafe Access Included

Yardi Breeze allows its users to market their properties on RENTCafe at no cost whatsoever. With the help of a listing service, you can display your properties with detailed descriptions and photos, which, in turn, will result in your property being in engagement more often.

4. Information Plethora

Once you register with Yardi Breeze, you are assigned an owner portal. This portal is very well designed and handy, as it provides you access to certain information, like tenant info, monthly financial reports, etc. From this dashboard, you will be given access to your other properties as well. This makes managing properties much easier and hassle-free.

5. Data Backup Storage

Yardi Breeze is a cloud-based software. You do not have to install any other storage software to keep your data safe. Everything on the app is backed up constantly to keep your data safe from any technical glitch. The cloud storage is not new to the world, but it indeed is new in this field.

6. User Roles Management

This software indeed claims to be a single user software, but as a matter of fact, it can be used by multiple users also. Just like any other software that deals with a certain population, you have the freedom to assign management roles to different users. You can give access to certain people to make changes, and you can restrict access as well.

7. In-built Accounting Feature

Yardi Breeze has one of the most powerful accounting features in the market. This feature makes it very simple for you to receive all your payments from your clients. With such a great UI, accounting has never been easier.

To Sum It Up

Yardi Breeze is an amazing software that will surely make your real estate management significantly easier. Yardi Breeze has gained so much popularity over the past years that it even has an online community. Users’ reviews have only proved it to be a must-have software for all property-related businesses.

If you have a property business, Yardi Breeze is for you!


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