Data Security Measures

Physical Security

  • We have installed an access control system at our workplace’s entrance to enable only authorized personnels to the workspace
  • Screening of visitors and employees by a security guard (including in night shift) during entry and exit for data storage media like USB drives, SD cards, memory cards etc.
  • No cameras, camera phones and digital recording media allowed in sensitive processes or sections of our premises
  • Entire work floor area is covered under CCTV security cameras. The feed is monitored by IT and administration department on a regular basis
  • Building awareness in the employees regarding “Phishing Attacks & Scams”
Policy Backed Security for outsource accounting services

Policy Backed Security

  • Our organization adheres to a privacy and data security policy, developed in consultation with outsourcing experts. This is clearly discussed with existing and new staff to ensure complete understanding and compliance
  • Employees sign non disclosure agreements (NDA) with stringent data security clauses, punishable under Indian laws including Information Technology Act, 2000
  • Complete background checks for employees including references from past employers, registrations with nearest police station and family background check
  • Most of our employees have prior outsourcing experience, and are familiar with the strict data security policies of an outsourcing firm
Data Security for outsource accounting services

Data Security

  • Emails monitored and protected through Microsoft 365 & Intune. Multiple Factor Authentication, frequent password change ensures the mailbox is accessible to the authorized person only
  • Email server is protected using Microsoft Defender, Sophos Endpoint Protection and Micro Intune Data Loss Protection (DLP) using Microsoft Defender and Intune
  • Access to data is through 256 bit SSL encryption which ensures transmission security
  • Comprehensive security audits are performed on a regular basis
  • We are in process of moving towards a paperless environment, which is both environmentally beneficial and ensures data security
Network Security for outsource accounting services

Network Security

  • Network security is maintained through Sophos Firewall Protection and Microsoft Defender for server and client level security to protect against virus, worm and other malicious attacks
  • Segmented LAN
  • Multiple client level access restrictions
PC Security for outsource accounting services

PC and Shared Workspaces Security

  • OHI is fully on Office365 Platform
  • Individual domain accounts for each processor ensures that the access to source documents is restricted to authorized employees only
  • PCs used by processors have disabled USB and CD ROM drives
  • Users are not permitted to utilize personal email accounts. Access to a variety of websites is limited and monitored
  • Shared WorkSpaces such as OneDrive have restricted access to just the assigned teams only

Certificates And Memberships