Outsourcing Financial Analysis and Modeling

Financial analysis is crucial in obtaining an understanding of your company’s financial performance. We specialize in providing outsource financial analysis and modeling services. We focus on helping businesses analyze data better and make smart decisions. Our financial analysis outsourcing services provide information regarding the efficiency, profitability, liquidity and stability of the company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Analysis Services

  • Enhanced Decision Making supported by financial analysis and reporting
  • Cost Savings-  Save between 30-40% of your existing onshore costs for comparable activities
  • Access to Qualified Professionals- Staff with at-least four years of work experience in accounting, management reporting and financial analysis functions
  • Have Flexible Staffing Levels as per business condition – Hire us only when you need us

Please email  sales@outsourcinghubindia.com or call  1- 646-367-8976 for a no obligation customized cost benefit analysis of outsourcing opportunities in your organization.

Our Services

Business Plan Formulation, Financial Modeling and Analysis

  • Business Plan Formulation Services: Simple financial business plan formulation services covering preparation of valuations, revenue and expense projections, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, capital expenditure and working capital schedules.
    Business plans have been made for residential real estate, commercial real estate, retail, restaurants, e-commerce, small manufacturing, wholesale distribution, IT and media services companies
  • Sensitivity Analysis/Scenario Analysis of existing projections to test the financial robustness of business model in different scenarios
  • Pro forma Financials: Preparation of cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets projections for debt/equity financing proposals
  • Preparing Projections/Forecasts: Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual forecasts of key financial parameters such as revenues, cash balances based on historic data and current trends
  • Financial analysis like ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis, payback analysis for specific investments
  • Spreadsheet testing designed to locate potential and actual errors, and to suggest improvements in the financial models, Sales Product
  • Mix analysis to uncover sales trends, suitable gross margin mix among others
  • Margin Analysis to uncover sources of Gross Margin dilution, identify expansion opportunities for EBITDA (Operating Margin) and improve business bottom lines
  • Custom industry specific analysis such as rent roll analysis for real estate companies, customer profitability analysis for IT services companies and freight analysis for logistics companies
  • Retail Analytics- SKU Analysis, Same Store Sales analysis and custom analysis for retail chains

Case Study

Case Study 1 – The case study covers transition of a financial analysis project to India for a large investment advisory firm that focuses on providing credit analysis to fixed income investors and lenders. The project involves analyzing different municipal securities prevailing in securities market helping investors looking for fixed income and secured investment in government or semi government bodies. Read More

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