“You both (team members) are doing a great job and I really appreciate the extra help in getting these budgets started. We already have (property name) and (property name) final approved by (President) so we are well on our way to getting the budgets done earlier this year.”

- CFO of a real estate firm based in Tampa (FL)

“I am very happy that I have decided to outsource to you guys. I sing the praises of outsourcing to India to many people I meet in the Montreal business community. Most people are very surprised, they have never heard of this. I truly believe that this will be the future.”

- President of a Chain of Children’s Therapy Center based out of Westmount, Quebec

“I wanted to let you know that we are happy with how the accounting process is working. Amit, Deepak, and Naresh are doing a great job on our account.”

- President of a real estate firm based in Tampa (FL)

“I have used PB Tech since last year. I am a real estate developer and I was doing condo conversions until this year. Our business is going through some restructuring but I am very happy with the work done by PB Tech. I wish I would have started working with them 5 years ago before we started growing as I would have been better able to implement our accounting processes and procedures. I recommend them as they are a cost effective way of getting the bookkeeping/accounting work done. Their experience did not seem to be directly real estate related but they understood the tenant billing and property payables more than adequately.”

- Head of a mid-sized property management, brokerage and construction firm based in Florida (USA)

“Good Job Naveen, I appreciate that keep it up with your all Hard work”

- Head – Marketing of a property management firm based in Gardena, CA

“I am very satisfied with the work our rep (bookkeeper) there does for us. He processes several different types of business accounts for me. I have my own unique requirements, and they follow instructions very well. They actually are a little higher in cost than some, but I had previously tried 2 others with lower rates and I was not satisfied with the service, and the cost was actually higher because it took them longer to perform the work, and I had to closely check the work they had done. With our rep, I am confident that they have followed my instructions once they are fully understood – and they don’t fall back. (meaning they don’t revert back to an old habit or a different way of handling the account – once they gets it that I want things a certain way, they have followed that precisely).

Their bookkeeper we use is now a key ‘employee’ and I would lose a great deal of time and energy if I suddenly needed to replace him.

My experience with our bookkeeper there allows me to highly recommend the service.”

- Head of a CPA firm based in CA (USA)

“I was very impressed with the work your firm did, I am very pleased. Your accountants that worked on this account were very good.”

- Partner, mid-sized CPA firm in Miami (USA)

“Naresh, Thank you for doing the depreciation/fixed asset clean. You did a great job on it.”

- CFO of a real estate firm based in FL (USA)

“Overall, I was impressed with the quality of your firm’s work and my vendor choice was based more on factors specific to my business model and capabilities at this time.”

- Managing Director of an accounting, payroll and consulting firm in Michigan with two satellite offices in other US cities

“I am very happy with the level of service you provide.”

- Head of a Japanese subsidiary of a French company providing certification services

“Please thank your accountant for his work and effort. I am very pleased with the results of our collaboration to date. I would appreciate any comments or criticism that your staff may have regarding the process.”

- Founder and Chairman of a Customer Service firm in Nebraska (USA)

“Thank You very much for working as hard on the management reports as your team did”

- Head of a multi-store wholesale and retail distribution company dealing in furniture products in NJ (USA)

“I did look at the sample work you performed and it looked very nice.”

- Finance Controller of a multi-store retail cum Distribution Company based in Idaho (USA) on the completion of the pilot phase

“The quality of your work is quite good”

- Head of a real-estate property management firm based in Kentucky (USA)

“Just to let you know great piece of work by Naushad”

- President of a midsized real estate property management firm based in Gardena, CA on completing the financials

“Thank you so much Tajinder… I really appreciate how quickly you did this!”

- Co-Owner of a retail outlet based in London

“Mahender, Great work catching this! This is what a good accountant means (along with coding everything into quickbooks)”

- President of a privately owned company based in Austin, Texas on catching business issues of under payment