CAM Reconciliation Process

Review of the Lease Abstract and Rent Rolls for:

  • Base Year
  • Base Year CAM Charges ( PSF or Fixed)
  • Tenant’s Pro-Rata Share (PRS) and its definition
  • CAM Caps (Y-o-Y/Against Base Year, Cumulative/Non-Cumulative)
  • CAM Floors (if any)
  • Recoverable Expenses Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Renewal Year

Compute Expenses Pools

Creation of expense pools of recoverable expenses based on the above information.

Gross-Up Multiplier Calculation

Calculation of Gross-Up Multipliers to adjust for grossed-up occupancy and suitably adjusting the expenses.

CAM Expense CAPS/Floors tenant wise Summary

Summarizing CAM expense caps and CAM expense floors tenant-wise.

Applicable Period for each Tenant

Review of the move-in and move-out dates to make adjustments for tenants who haven’t occupied full year.

Applicable Space Calculation for each Tenant

Review expansion/contraction/shifting of tenants to arrive at allocated area and corresponding period for each area.

Finalize Pro-rata Shares based on effective leased areas.

GL Review

Scrutinize expense GL’s to ensure proper coding of expenses (only in CAM Audit/Detailed CAM Reconciliation service).

Prepaid Review

Analyze prepaid accounts for any unamortized expenses that should will affect expense pool.

Amortizations Review

Review of capital expense and amortizations if leases allow for pass-through of certain capital expenses.

Calculate Expense Recoveries

Finalize expense pools and calculate expense recoveries based on the above parameters.