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OHI provides comprehensive and high-quality lease reconciliation, lease audit, lease administration services and lease abstracting services. Our team of experienced leasing professionals are well versed with the nuances and technicalities of industrial, retail leases and commercial lease abstraction services.

Our high expertise in real estate sector developed over 16 years helps us abstract and administer even complex leases with multiple renewal options, rent abatements, amendments, tenant allowances and complex passthrough of CAM charges among others. We are also familiar with real estate terms such as Hold Over, Radius Restrictions, Go Dark, Eminent Domain/ Sub ordination and Subletting.

OHI’s team has experience working in leading leasing and property management software such as Prolease, Lease Harbor, Yardi, MRI, Visual Lease, RE Flex, CoStar among others. Our lease abstracting services are used by many commercial and residential real estate companies in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Colorado, Kansas and Washington among others.

Outsourced lease abstraction services

30-50% cost savings compared to in-house hired staff

30-50% cost savings compared to in-house hired staff

Staff with at-least six years of relevant real estate experience across leasing and accounting

Staff with at-least six years of relevant real estate experience across leasing and accounting

100+ commercial and residential real estate clients in USA

100+ commercial and residential real estate clients in USA

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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Clients

10 Million Sq. Foot

Served 150,000 Units and 10 Million Sq. Foot Across Clients


Team Including CPAs, MBAs and Graduates. Leases are abstracted by accountants leading to high quality, well detailed abstracts

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Superior Quality enabled by Two Level Abstract Review

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We Serve Five of the Top 50 Real Estate Managers in USA

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5 Tips for Commercial Lease Abstraction

5 Tips for Commercial Lease Abstraction

An original Commercial lease is a legal document covering all the financial and non-financial details of a business or a property. And since it is a legal document and used for several purposes. Therefore, commercial leases have to capture every […]

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How your Business Can Benefit from a Lease Audit (Why Audit Your Leases)

How your Business Can Benefit from a Lease Audit (Why Audit Your Leases)

Commercial leasing of space can be a complicated business. However, every business needs to lease at least one, or usually more kinds of commercial spaces, be it office, retail or warehousing. In spite of being an inseverable part of any […]

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A Glossary of Common Lease Terms

A Glossary of Common Lease Terms

Understanding lease words and terms help you fully comprehend your lease agreement. Below are some commonly used words and terms in lease agreements and their definitions: Common Lease Terms Base Rent The minimum rent payable by a tenant excluding all […]

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Understanding The Lease Abstraction Process

Understanding The Lease Abstraction Process

Lease abstraction process refers to the way in which the important or crucial points covered in a real estate lease agreement are summarized. A lease abstract summarizes the key aspects of a lease agreement from a legal, business, and financial […]

  • March 20, 2020
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Client Profile

A vertically integrated, full service real estate company based out of Bellevue, WA. They specialize in commercial properties. The firm has developed and built in excess of 81 properties and have more than 10,000 units under management.

Client Profile

A well-known fully integrated real estate investment cum asset management firm based in Tampa (FL). They manage a wide variety of commercial real estate assets and provide property management services to 3rd party commercial real estate owners.

Client Profile

A privately owned real estate management firm that specializes in the management of commercial and multi-family properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Client Profile

A well-known construction and development company in Canada specializing in construction and development of high rise concretes. It is a mid-sized firm and one of British Columbia’s most experienced and respected developers.

Client Profile

A full service real estate investment management company. The company provides in-house acquisition origination, underwriting, transaction management, asset management, accounting and investor reporting for all investments. The company is based in Denver, CO.

Client Profile

A midsized real estate property management firm based out of Beverly Hills, CA. The firm manages over 50 properties, across 9 states, encompassing over 1200 tenants and nearly 1.5 million square feet.

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    What is the purpose of a lease audit?

    The purpose of a lease audit is to conduct a thorough review of lease agreements to ensure accuracy, and compliance, and identify any discrepancies or non-compliance issues. It aims to protect the interests of the business by verifying that the lease terms and conditions are being followed and that the financial obligations are being met. Additionally, a lease audit helps in identifying potential overcharges, recovering any overpayments, and reducing financial risks associated with lease agreements.

    What are the benefits of Lease Abstraction Services?

    Lease Abstraction Services offer several benefits, including:

    -Simplifying complex lease terms into a concise format
    -Enhancing visibility and accessibility of critical lease data
    -Facilitating efficient decision-making and strategic planning

    What is the role of lease administration?

    Lease Administration involves centralizing lease data management and includes tasks such as:

    -Maintaining a centralized database or software system for lease information
    -Managing rent payments, escalations, renewals, and expirations
    -Improving operational efficiency and reducing errors in lease management

    Are these services suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, Lease Abstraction, Lease Audit, and Administration Services can benefit businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a small business with a few leases or a large corporation with a vast lease portfolio, these services can streamline your lease management process and ensure compliance.