Technology Options for Accessing the Input Documents

Technology Options for Accessing the Input Documents
  • Data can be electronically faxed or can be sent by clicking picture through smartphones 
  • The scanned data can be accessed through a Drop-Box/Google Drive account
  • Alternatively, they may also be picked from the client server or just opened remotely by the service provider’ staff
  • Client can provide online “View Only” access of bank accounts, credit card accounts, utility accounts, mortgage/loan accounts and other online data

Technology Options for Accessing the Accounting File

Technology Options for Accessing the Accounting File

Primarily, there are four ways by which accounting file can be accessed namely Offline Accounting File Based, Remote PC Access Based, Hosted Software Based, and Online Software Based methods.

Offline Accounting File Based:

The accountant works on the backup copy of the accounting file and once the work has been completed the file is uploaded back to the server.

Remote PC Access Based:

The accountant connects to the clients’ PC using a remote desktop access service,, LogMeIn, Windows Remote Desktop, Citrix WebEx or Secure VPN connection to work on software installed at client’s computer. This requires no expensive remote access software.

Online Software Based:

In this method, the accounting software is a web-based version. So the accountant logs in to the online accounting software (e.g. Quickbooksonline Realpage -Onesite, Appfolio, Yardi) and updates the books and logs out.

Hosted Software Based:

This version is a modified version of the remote access based version. The hosting of the software can be in client office LANs or in third party hosting service providers such as,

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