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Enhance your business performance through our Data Visualization and BI services.

  • Intuitive and easy to understand visual charts and tables providing critical information and business data at a glance, enhancing your data analysis and visualization capabilities.
  • Measure and monitor 10+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) driving your real estate business such as occupancy, collection factor, net operating income. Our power bi data visualization tools empower you to make informed decisions.
  • Analyze operating and financial data on per square foot, per unit or on actual basis.
  • Improve tracking of expenses helping drive better Net Operating Incomes and Higher Profits
  • Our solution works with Argus, Excel, Yardi (Genesis and Voyager), AppFolio, OneSite, MRI, Spectra, Timberline, NetSuite and QuickBooks. Choose us for exceptional data visualization outsourcing services that transform your real estate business into a data-driven success story.
Real estate financial dashboard services

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40-60% cost savings compared to in-house hired staff or onshore service providers

40-60% cost savings compared to in-house hired staff or onshore service providers

300+ Clients in USA (120+ commercial and residential real estate firms)

300+ Clients in USA (120+ commercial and residential real estate firms)

Staff with 6+ years of relevant real estate experience in management reporting functions

Staff with 6+ years of relevant real estate experience in management reporting functions

Benefits of Data Visualization/BI Services

Effective Visual Reporting

Dashboards provide easy-to-understand visual data, offering critical information and insights at a glance. Multiple surveys have demonstrated that as many as 74% of business executives credit data visualization for high increases in business insights. Get More Insights about Your Business Today with our data visualization services!

Drill into Detail

Dashboards can be made as drilled in detail as required. Review the same data in different ways - ratios, actual vs. budget variances, month-on-month changes, actual against YTD, or as a proportion of sales/total expenses. We can provide the data visualization in a way most relevant to you. Get the insights you need with our data visualization services and BI services!

Measure and Monitor the Health of Your Business

Well-designed dashboards enhance owners/users' capabilities to measure and monitor key factors driving business performance. They also help owners measure and track business performance itself in metrics beyond profitability and revenues. For instance, real estate firms can measure vacancy, collections, concessions, and expense factors to drive better rental income and Net Operating Incomes (NOI). Get the insights you need with our data visualization services!

Driving Greater Business Efficiency

Well-crafted dashboards create easy-to-understand visual summaries of data that are regularly updated. Quick processing of information and fast access to key data helps drive faster decision-making and higher efficiency. Get the insights you need with our data visualization services!


Dashboards could be customized at the user level. Each decision level dashboard can be customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information. This allows each person to see the level of detail that they need for data analysis and visualization. Experience the power of Power BI data visualization and explore the benefits of data visualization outsourcing.

Benefits of Real Estate Financial Dashboard

Our Data Visualization Solutions

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Our indicative standard charges for the above solution is defined here. Custom quote available based on your requirements and number of properties/units.



* Customized Hours



* Full-time staffing (160 hours per month)

Client Profile

A well-known commercial real estate firm based in Tampa (FL). They manage close to 5 million sf of office and retail space.

Client Profile

A vertically integrated, full service real estate company based out of Bellevue, WA. They specialize in commercial properties.

Client Profile

A leading independent commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm in the Central Valley.

Client Profile

A well known real estate firm in Tampa (FL). The company currently manages over $60M in commercial real estate assets.

Client Profile

A midsized real estate property management firm based out of Beverly Hills, CA. The firm manages over 50 properties, across 9 states, encompassing over 1200 tenants and nearly 1.5 million square feet.

Client Profile

A privately owned real estate management firm that specializes in the management of commercial and multi-family properties in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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    Why Should I Consider OHI's Data Visualization/BI Services?

    OHI offers expertise in turning raw data into meaningful visuals and analytics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions effectively.

    How Can OHI Help with Data Visualization and BI?

    We provide end-to-end data visualization and BI solutions, from data collection and analysis to creating intuitive dashboards and reports.

    What Tools and Technologies Does OHI Use for Data Visualization and BI?

    OHI employs industry-leading tools and technologies, including Power BI, Tableau, and custom solutions, to deliver tailored data visualization and BI services.

    What Types of Data Sources Can OHI Integrate into BI Solutions?

    We can integrate data from various sources, including databases, spreadsheets, cloud platforms, and APIs, to provide a comprehensive view of your data.

    Can OHI Create Customized Dashboards and Reports?

    Yes, we specialize in creating custom dashboards and reports tailored to your specific business needs and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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