Best Accounting Practices for Property Management Firms [Infographic]

  • July 9, 2020
  • admin@ohi

Accounting itself seems a bit complex situation to handle for many businessmen. And when it comes to property management accounting, the property managers have to take care of land, rents, invoices etc. in a meticulous manner which makes it quite a tedious task to undergo. As we know that real estate – sales and purchase are all dependent on the country’s current economy. The ups and downs within the economic system largely affect the finance of a property management firm.

One should never ignore or take the accounts department lightly as this is the make-or-break department of any company. And especially when talking about property management accounting best practices are what one should look for.

Therefore, a proper accounting department needs to be there in a property management firm. This will help get the best accounting services for property managers and will relieve them from these tedious tasks.

Best Accounting Practices for Property Management Firms

Usually, there are two broadly used accounting methods. One is Accrual basis and the other is cash basis. And accounting for property management companies must use the accrual method as it takes into consideration all due and advances transactions while cash only talks about transactions made.

A lot of firms also use the cash basis but then later on they switch the method as it becomes difficult to work on a cash basis. Property deals usually involve installments, and advances and have a lot of dues. All this might lead to incomplete accounts if one opts for the cash basis and later on results in unclear financial status.

Here are some of the accounting practices that property management firms should incorporate in their business operations.

Use online software

In order to speed up the process, avoid errors and become paperless, a lot of online software like quick books and other tools can be used. All this saves a lot of time and helps the accountant maintain handy records. 

Look for professional 

Accounting for property management firms is an important activity. Either the firm should hire professional accountants or must outsource such accounting activities. No risk shall be taken in maintaining accounts because if accounts aren’t made properly, the company might land in trouble in the long run.

best practices property management firms

Thus, practicing proper accounting for property management firms is tremendously essential in maintaining a structured record of your accounts. By following these principles and procedures, you get to keep your business in assent with the trending financial regulations.


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