A Detailed Review of Buildium Property Management Software

  • September 23, 2020
  • admin@ohi

Buildium Property Management Software is a cloud-based tool that helps in managing and streamlining business activities, including vacancy management, rents & payments, maintenance cycle management, and accounting. This software can be utilized for daily activities, such as sending reminders and clearing payments.

Ideally, with this software, it is possible to restructure your rent cycle and activities – lease tracking, tenant tracking, ledger accounting, on-demand reporting, and automation of rent collection. As a property owner, you can benefit a lot from the automation workflows of this tool.

Features of Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium Property Management Software can simplify workflows and specific processes for property managers and property management businesses. Here are some amazing features of this tool.

buildium property management software useful features


A major part of every business is accounting. No business can run without efficiently executing accounting and bookkeeping tasks. Buildium has in-built software for the company’s accounting, buildium bookkeeping, and tax management. This is accompanied by additional features like financial reporting, payment recording, and bill management.

For instance, if your tenant wants to pay rent online, you can use Buildium to directly deposit this payment through the preferred method to your bank account. This also helps in passing payments through the ledger and automatically recording transactions.


The next module you can utilize in the software is the leasing process. Through Buildium, you can handle the rental listings on Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, and Yahoo. Later, you can use the same software to screen your tenants and shortlist applications. The software offers a completely online procedure. You can even sign your leases online.

In rental management, screening is the most important activity. It helps property managers and landlords to safeguard their income and properties. Fortunately, the Buildium screener can efficiently help you access the criminal, credit, and eviction records in a click. This helps you understand if an applicant is actually interested in moving in or if they are the right candidate or not.

Additional Features

  • All the listings are customized according to your requirements, such as based on popular websites like Trulia, HotPads, etc.
  • According to your pre-recorded calendar, interested applicants can book a showing or visit online itself
  • Manage fees, applications, and their data through one database
  • Separate owner and tenant portal for streamlined and clear communication and information access
  • Secure document storage for emails, updates, notices, leases, insurance, and similar records
  • Tenants have the feasibility to utilize the preferred payment method for monthly rent, security deposits, or late fees through credit card or EFT
  • Maintenance requests can be raised by tenants through Buildium for simpler tracking and less hassle
  • Property managers can track their business expenses and income through the software. They can create reports and check e-file statements by vendors and clients.
  • Create a professional and customized website for your property management business
  • If you face any issue while using the Buildium software, you can easily take help from the academy. Here’s the link to Buildium Academy, which contains a lot of data, such as how-tos and quizzes.
  • Branding – It will allow you to create your own brand or use a custom logo
  • Easy to use – It will have an intuitive interface which is easy to understand even if you are not tech savvy
  • Tenant report card – It will allow you to track the performance of your tenants
  • Closely monitor costs – It can help analyze expenses in a detailed way which aids in budgeting.


Buildium Property Management Software has three pricing structures with different services. Every structure has a varied monthly fee. Depending on your requirements, you can select the best service. Below are the options.

Premium Plan

Premium Plan is for extensive property management needs. Every feature is included in this plan. You additionally get insight and analytics buildium features along with business development support.


The price for the entire plan is USD 460 for each month.

Growth Plan

The growth plan is good for property management companies. It has additional features, such as free bank account setup, incoming payments, and mobile inspections. You can also e-lease 30 free documents.


The price for the entire plan is USD 160 for each month.

Additional payments are:

  • USD 0.50 for outgoing payments
  • USD 18 for screening
  • 2.95% for credit card transactions

Essential Plan

Property management companies, as well as landlords, can purchase this plan for the management of 150 or fewer rental units.


The price for the entire plan is USD 50 for each month.

Additional payments are:

  • USD 1 for incoming payments
  • USD 0.50 for outgoing payments
  • USD 15 for screening
  • 2.95% for credit card transactions
  • USD 99 for bank account setup
  • USD 5 for e-lease
  • USD 99 for mobile inspections

The application may be put to use for recurring errands, such as informing individuals of upcoming due dates and processing payments. Choose from one of three different price tiers for Buildium’s property management software depending on your preferences and requirements. 

The monthly buildium cost varies from one structure to the next and is dependent on a number of elements that are specific to that structure. The expansion package comes with features such as a free checking account, mobile auditing, and payments. 

If you want to make the processes and operations of the company more streamlined, using Buildium, which is software for property management, is a good choice. Due to the approachable price plan, property management companies of smaller and medium size are able to subscribe to this programme on a monthly basis at a cost that is both affordable and manageable.

Should You Use Buildium Property Management Software?

Buildium Property Management Software is a web-based application that can help simplify a variety of property management tasks, including accounting, managing rents and payments, managing maintenance cycles, and managing vacancies. These are just some of the processes that can be simplified with the software’s assistance. 

If you want to streamline the processes and activities of the business, Buildium is a suitable property management software for you. As a property manager, it can get hectic to manage information and handle multiple data streams manually. The Buildium tool is amazing for activity and process automation.

The pricing structure is also designed to help every category of users. So, even small and medium property management companies can easily purchase and utilize this software on a monthly basis.

The buildium property management platform reviews are also extremely positive. If you want to improve your operational efficiency, check the above pricing plans, select the suitable one, and start using Buildium property management software, today! 


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