Case Study

ESG Data – Case Study

Data Standardization and Cleansing

Client Profile: 

A Florida-based investment firm specializing in global real estate, currently managing over $100 billion in assets. The firm has received over 40 awards in the Private Equity Real Estate (PERE) sector.


Scope of Work: 

Review and extract demographic and ESG data from comprehensive reports such as ESG Due Diligence reports, PCA reports, and appraisal reports, and organize them into a structured format. Conduct a historical data audit for the central repository and continuously monitor to track changes.



Existing Setup and OHI’s Role:

Existing Setup: 

  • Cluttered, unorganized, and inaccurate data in the repository warehouse. 
  • Unclear data sources.

OHI’s Role: 

  • Standardize each data point and document findings along with their sources for future reference. 
  • Enhance the overall usage of existing tools in the repository system through data cleansing. 




  • Changing Requirements: ESG being a new concept, the client’s data requirements kept evolving, necessitating repetitive reviews. 
  • Data Standardization: Different documents had varied definitions and units for the same data points, making standardization a challenge. 
  • Document Procurement: Collecting documents from various sources posed a significant challenge. 
user training


  • Training & Standard Procedures: Provided comprehensive training to the ESG Consultant to understand the client’s benchmark requirements. 
  • Defined Data Points: Standardized each data point, documented findings and sources to support each result. 
  • Collaboration: Worked with different departments to correct inaccuracies and complete the data points in the repository system. 
  • Periodic Meetings: Held weekly meetings with the relevant departments to understand development needs and meet expectations effectively. 



Addressed detailed utility data needs for a portfolio of 200 hotels, ensuring compliance with the 2023 GRESB benchmarking requirements.


Conducted a historical data audit for over 1,500 assets across diverse classes, identifying and rectifying inaccuracies, resulting in a 35% improvement in data quality and reliability.


Ongoing maintenance of periodic reports detailing the ESG matrix for acquisitions and dispositions.


Implementation of cost-effective measures optimized processing procedures and enhanced accuracy, leading to the addition of a new resource to the team.

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