Cloud Based Tools Facilitating Outsourcing

Information technology has undeniably changed the way in which firms simplify their processes and expand their business vision. The outsourcing companies are continually expanding their horizons to give the best of the service efficiently to their customers.

Cloud based accounting services; the data is stored in remote external server and can be accessed through the internet at anytime from any location. The hassle of data backup and version upgrades are all handled by the application vendor and you don’t have to worry about it.

Advantages of cloud based software’s

  • Real time information – The data is entered into the cloud based software, is updated instantly and can be accessed by multiple users from multiple locations
  • Access anytime, anywhere – Access data and information from anywhere at any time without depending on a desktop computer. Just login to the browser and you have all the information
  • Low cost – Since it is a web-based solution so, no worries of purchasing or installing the software, no servers to maintain
  • Data security – Cloud servers are secured by anti-virus tools and are monitored 24×7 by a committed team of professionals

Cloud based accounting software’s are available at $20 or less per month and are easy to use – even for small business owners with little or no experience with accounting tasks.

  • QuickBooks – QuickBooks is well known accounting software for many small and mid-sized organizations. Best known for its flexibility, reporting options and its export tool option
  • – A cloud based billing solution that simplifies accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash flow management. Access from anywhere, anytime

Apart from the online accounting software’s there are some other tools that have helped outsourcing provide an improved solution at the fingertips like online meeting or easy file sharing options.  Below mentioned are some examples of it.

Remote desktop software – mostly known as remote access software or remote control software, helps to remotely control or access one computer from another

  • – A remote access program from the developers of LogMeIn, which provides speedy access to another computer over an internet browser. It supports conference calling, full screen mode, text chat, multiple monitors, and up to 10 participants viewing a screen at a given time
  • Windows Remote Desktop – Windows Remote Desktop is the remote access software built into the Windows operating system. No added download is required to use the program. Just configure the settings and files can be transferred, take print outs, listen to audio from remote PC

Online Meeting – A web conferencing solution that lets users to have a live online meeting.

  • WebEx Meetings – WebEx allows its free user to have a meeting of three or less attendees. You can speak to other participants using a webcam and VoIP. Share files using WebEx’s built-in tools. Chat with other participants, either privately or as a group
  • GoToMeeting – It offers a free web meeting plan that is similar to WebEx. To host a meeting, one doesn’t have to create a login or download any software. The website directly takes the user to a private meeting room with the link provided, participants can be invited

Online File Sharing – File sharing software is used by companies and individuals to send/receive several files using a local network or using the web. This system supports multiple file formats including text documents, images or videos.

  • Dropbox – One of the most accepted file sharing and storage solutions that syncs files automatically, both on mobile and desktop devices. Its basic plan with limited sharing is free, the transition to a paid plan with advanced functionality is available
  • Google Drive – Another much loved program among users that saves files and monitors changes, and it has a free version with a 15 GB storage

Budding technology has motivated the growth of the outsourcing industry, as advanced cloud applications are scalable, cost-effective, and introduce several operational efficiencies. And many small and mid-size companies can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.