A Comparison of the best Commercial Property Management Software’s

  • December 21, 2016
  • admin@ohi

Commercial property management requirements are different from residential properties whether it is office space, retail or industrial. Good commercial software should be able to create detailed financial projections and budgets, to auto calculate rent increases, to create recurring charges, to calculate expense recoveries and common area management (CAM) charges and to perform reconciliations.

Common features of Commercial Property Management Software

Property Type

Software should enable user to manage individual units or floor spaces of any size as per business requirements.


Accounting for commercial real estate firms is more complicated (though less transaction intensive) than residential firms due to complicated nature of real estate leases, accounting for expense recoveries , intricate CAM reconciliation, detailed financial reporting, frequent use of escrows and need for advanced budgeting tools.

Lease Management    

Lease Management is an integral part of any commercial property management software.  The software should be able to handle the different leasing rates and rates across the complete lifecycle of  the lease.  Leasing module should be able to handle staggered lease terms with differential leasing rates and CAM recoveries, rent reviews, and options such as first refusal rights for the tenants.

Maintenance Portal

Maintenance Portal refers to section that enables the manager to handle tenant maintenance requests, track maintenance tasks,  set-up schedules and alerts regarding upcoming due maintenance. A good software should provide options to renters to submit maintenance requests directly to their property management company at their convenience. Property managers get notifications of maintenance requests on mobile and can take action promptly.

Owner Portal

Owner Portal classifies the features property owners will be able to access and complete online. Providing owners with the ability to access property inspection reports, financial statements, personalized statements, and avoid annoying lost password calls with a secure password recovery system reduces the need for owners to reach out to property managers directly.


Every software is capable in generating reports like rent roll, unit status, and delinquency reports but the best commercial management software provides detailed and custom reporting at unit, property, entity or investor level.  The software should also allow for memorized reports across different user types such as investors, management , accounting etc. The software which is able to provide a comprehensive suite of reports including investment grade rating, lease maturities & rental rate growth, vacancy rate, gross initial yield by property can be considered.  Dashboards are a significant add-on as they are simpler and can visually represent complicated information.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

CAM  accounting is one of the most complicated aspect of commercial real estate accounting. Software with inbuilt functionality of CAM billing and reconciliation is a big asset. A good software must provide you to track, bill and reconcile the shared common area expenses and income for your commercial properties.  It should also be able to handle different types of expense recoveries across different leases /across different periods of the same lease.  This include popular CAM allocation basis  such as a per sq ft allocation, flat fee allocation,  proportionate share or a custom defined one. Yardi & Appfolio have added CAM feature in their software’s with utility rebilling & charge codes functionality.

Comparison Sheet

Yardi VoyagerYardi GenesisMRI Commercial ManagementAppfolio Property Manager
Property Type
Commercial Real Estatecrosstickticktick
Property Portfolio Size
Large (1000 units and up)tickcrosscrosstick
Mid-Size (251-999 units)ticktickticktick
Small (1-250 units)crosstickticktick
Accepts Online Paymentticktickticktick
Accrual Accountingticktickticktick
Bank Account Integrationtickcrossticktick
Bank Statement Uploadtickcrossticktick
Complex Expense Recoveries (CAM)ticktickcrosstick
Custom Add Offline Itemsticktickticktick
Financial Statements per Propertyticktickticktick
Online Payments from Residentsticktickticktick
Online Statementstickcrossticktick
Owner ACHticktickticktick
Post Rent & Late Feesticktickcrosstick
Print Checksticktickcrosstick
Profit & Loss Reportsticktickticktick
Retail Percentage Rent Calculationstickcrosscrosscross
Quickbooks Synctickcrosscrosscross
Setup Auto Paytickcrosscrosstick
Statement Archivesticktickcrosstick
Track Mortgage Amortizationtickcrosscrosscross
Management Features
Automatic Property Mappingtickcrossticktick
Customizable Reportsticktickticktick
Easy Data Migrationticktickcrosstick
Events Calendartickcrossticktick
Maintenance Overviewticktickticktick
Message Boardstickcrossticktick
Move in/Move Out Workflowticktickcrosstick
Paperless Work Ordersticktickcrosstick
Proactive System Notificationsticktickticktick
Recurring Work Orderstickcrosscrosstick
Rent Comparison Toolcrosscrosscrosstick
Smart Searchticktickcrosstick
Streamlined Work Ordersticktickcrosstick
Tabbed Categoriestickcrosscrosstick
Upload Documentsticktickcrosstick
Tenant Portal
Online Lease Agreementstickcrosscrosstick
Online Leasingtickcrosscrosstick
Online Rental Applicationstickcrossticktick
Owner Portal
Email Owner Statementsticktickticktick
Performance Metricsticktickcrosstick
Vacancy Dashboardsticktickcrosstick
Automatic Postings to Webtickcrosstickcross
Guest Cardsticktickcrosstick
Lead Source Trackingticktickticktick
Lease Option Managementtickcrosscrosscross
Marketing Statisticsticktickticktick
Real Time Vacancy Statisticsticktickticktick
Support Inquiriesticktickticktick
Website Templatestickcrossticktick
Data Management
Automatic Data Backupticktickticktick
Export to CSVtickticktickcross
Export to Excelticktickticktick
Export to Webticktickticktick
Export to PDFticktickcrosstick
File Storageticktickticktick
Sync with MS Wordticktickcrosscross
Sync with Outlooktickcrosscrosscross
Operating Environment
Web-Based (Online)ticktickticktick
Mobile Applicationticktickcrosstick

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