Data Security Measures in an Outsourced Accounting Process

  • March 8, 2017
  • admin@ohi

Every outsourcing arrangement should be equipped with technology that ensures data security to maintain confidentiality of client information and other details. Thorough standardized procedures that are enforced to regulate data security within the enterprise can transform any business. Securing the confidentiality of customer data is one of the most important features of any outsourcing enterprise that specializes in bookkeeping and banking should be globally efficient, perceptive and well connected to their customers.

Data Security in Accounting Outsourcing

Data security is one of the crucial objectives of any outsourcing enterprise to avoid financial mishaps. Companies are obliged to be careful while performing and documenting financial receipts and take complete measure to safeguard data in their banking records. Therefore using an outsourcing agent to regulate financial decisions using steadfast and innovative technology is a boon that ensures industrial growth. The security needs of a company can be answered by an outsourcing enterprise that meets all compliance standards especially if it is operations related security functions.

Policy Backed Security

• Precise understanding of privacy and data security policy which is in compliance with the outsourcing consultants and management staff
• Employees are made to sign non disclosure agreements that contains stringent data security clauses punishable by law if violated
• Thorough background analysis of employees/staff members inclusive of criminal records check, family history etc is supervised

Physical Security

• Complete screening of visitors and staff members during entry and exit by security guards is a must.
• Preventing use of camera phones or any other digital recording media in secure premises is a necessity.
• Installation of CCTV security cameras to monitor work floor areas by administration departments ensures data security.

Online Data Security

• Online data protection can be maintained by safeguarding valuable files on a password protected server to ensure client level security.
• Selective authorization is given to specialized outsourcing experts who can access the server to perform comprehensive security audits.
• Transmission security can be ensured using 128 bit SSL encryption and firewall protection.
• Multiple client level access should be restricted.
• Authorized employees can access source documents using individual domain accounts for secure processors.

Also make sure while ensuring the above said, when engaging with outsourcing accounting vendors convince the vendor in signing a non disclosure agreement, which ensures that the data is kept secret and not shared with anyone.

Reputed vendors in the area will always let you know beforehand about the security measures they adopt for your data.