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  • April 22, 2019
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To achieve success in business, we have to not only ensure that our existing customers are retained but also make concerted efforts to expand our horizons to acquire new customers. The bottom line for every business is profits, and we need to assess the contribution of each business function to the business profitability.

One of the integral functions would be the transforming your accounts payable dapartment & finance department as they provide inputs to key executives of the company for taking critical decisions.

Now the question arises whether one should have an in-house Finance & Accounting Department or go in for outsourced accounting services? The answer to this lies in the opportunity cost of in-house accounting versus outsourced accounting.

A few statistics will help clarify the situation. Around 47% of business leaders feel that the in-house Finance & Accounting division falls short about capabilities to handle future priorities. A whopping 80% of business leaders think that there is no integration between front office strategy and back-office functions. In-house Finance & Accounting teams are not able to provide the required guidance or advice as they are too preoccupied with their routine duties. This is where outsourced accounting services can make a difference and therefore make a wise investment.

Reasons why outsourced accounting score over in-house accounting

There are a lot of advantages of using outsourced accounting services from a professional finance and accounting firm. They are:

Save Time

There are certain activities like regular transactions, determining cash balance, revenue and profitability projection, ascertaining profitability position or fixing operational processes which don’t add value to the business. We automate these to help business focus on the company strategies.

Financial Reporting

We ensure complete financial visibility using high-level metrics and key performance indicators. Economic forecasts are provided which are benchmarks for measuring the company’s performance.


Our qualified and skilled team of professionals will meet the current and future requirements of the business as they are proactive, can adapt to the changing needs and help to scale up the business to the next level.


We enable access to data at all times from anywhere through the cloud software platform. All the softwares required by the business are integrated into an enterprise-level accounting package and allow effective data sharing.


We upgrade the existing processes and controls with regard to the company’s revenue and expenditure items to eliminate lost revenue or internal frauds. We create formal policies and documentation to provide timely financial reporting.


In the dynamic world of finance and accounting, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance profitability. Outsourced accounting services have emerged as a strategic solution, offering a blend of expertise, efficiency, and scalability. By leveraging these external services, companies can access top-tier financial talent without the overheads of full-time hires, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting. Moreover, outsourcing allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, driving growth while having the assurance that their financial operations are in expert hands. In essence, as the business landscape becomes more competitive, profiting from outsourced accounting services is not just a cost-saving measure but a forward-thinking approach to sustainable financial management.

Achieve optimal ROI with outsourced accounting.

Optimize returns by investing in processes that add value to business profitability and outsource the Finance & Accounting function. With more focus on strategic decisions, it will be possible to scale up business operations. Choose your right partner in growth which will provide effective financial solutions for your business.

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