Making the Most of your Maintenance Team

  • July 24, 2018
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Property management maintenance involves ensuring proper functionality of the equipment fitted across the property so as to be useful to the end-user for a longer period of time. The responsibility for this is delegated to the maintenance team.

The maintenance team should follow certain ethics or conduct so as to prove useful for the residents.

Here, we have composed a list of things to make the most of your maintenance team which will eventually lead to business growth.

Standardization of the parts and products

It is essential to ensure that a standard is followed for the products as it simplifies the maintenance process. With this, the problems are resolved quickly.

For eg: If a particular kind of doorknob is used in the entire house, it is easier for the technician to find the right fit.

Outward appearance matters

A well-dressed technician with great interpersonal and communication skills is more likely to connect with the customer and resolve the issues efficiently rather than the one who is poorly dressed and often seems to get irritated by the customer’s queries.

Training in communication skills

It is necessary to train the maintenance technicians in communicating with the customer. Politeness in speech, an amiable smile on the face, a decent attitude towards customer’s queries and problems can go a long way to build up a great reputation of the team.

Educate the residents through short videos

A resident may be aware of only a few features in the newly purchased gadgets or appliances. They may not even bother to read the instruction manual which comes along with the appliances.

It is essential to educate them about the proper use and functionality of the gadgets like microwave, dishwasher through videos featuring the maintenance personnel accessible on the tablets or mobile phone. It helps to resolve the issues faster and reduce service calls.

Educate the technicians on new technologies

Conduct training sessions for the technicians on a monthly or a weekly basis so as to train them on the new technologies introduced lately. A technician is supposed to learn the ‘know-how’ of the gadgets and also be able to fix the problem that arises with the frequent use of the gadgets, efficiently.

Making the most of your maintenance team can entice new customers. It also ensures that your existing customers are satisfied, in turn, bring business through word of mouth.

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