How to Prepare for Move In Move Out

  • December 18, 2017
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There are numerous pointers to take care of while moving out or into a new property. The sheer stress involved in the process might make you miss out on important checks. Hence, it is always advisable to get some external help to efficiently handle all tasks at hand.

We come to your rescue here with a compiled list of crucial move in move out checks that are a must for efficient property management. The checklist is through the tenants perspective, however can also be used by landlords or property management firms managing a property.

Move in Checklist

Moving into new properties without making a list of existing amenities may give rise to disputes when you move out. Here are the checks to perform before you move in:

  • Request to take possession of all copies of the keys and keep a count of them
  • Schedule an inspection of the property before deciding to move
  • Since you are just moving in, you would have to pay a security deposit along with the rent for the first month. Confirm the amount with your landlord before signing the papers
  • Communicate with your landlord about the terms of the contract and make sure that these are correctly reflected in all legal documents
  • Make a list of all provided utilities and furniture in the house. Get this list confirmed by the landlord to avoid any future discrepancies
  • Get the existing utilities transferred to your name a few days before moving in

Move Out Checklist

Here are the pointers to take care of before you move out of a rented property:

  • Provide a notice to your landlord regarding the intent to vacate the property, requesting him/her to schedule an inspection a couple of days’ prior your moving date
  • Clean the property thoroughly or get it cleaned from professionals. This includes all rooms including the kitchen and bathrooms
  • The living room and carpets must be cleaned with the help of vacuum cleaners
  • All windows must be properly washed and wiped
  • The walls are equally important to restore to their original health and must be cleaned and painted
  • Make sure to remove all your belongings from the property and leave no litter behind
  • The exterior area of the property, like lawns, must be made to look neat and maintained
  • All copies of the keys must be returned to the landlord
  • There should be no fault in electrical lines, furniture, furnaces or pipelines
  • Additional security features such as alarms should be intact
  • Every provided utility in the house should be working properly
  • If there are any damages that have not been repaired, tell your landlords before the inspection takes place

The underlying logic here is to form baselines while moving in and deliver the property in the same condition as you found it when you move out. This will be beneficial for all involved parties and make sure that you get your security deposit back.

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