Six Paramount Characteristics of a Money Making Rental Property

  • February 17, 2020
  • admin@ohi

Are you on the lookout to purchase a residential rental property? Such a decision needs to be executed being extremely scrupulous of honey potting deals that break bad once you have invested your hard-earned money into them. There are some key features to ensure while purchasing rental property before you land on a hasty decision.

Begin your research by exploring properties on your own and also dealing with a real estate agent. However, at times, the agents would be persuasive and put you under pressure to purchase a particular property even after you’ve expressed second thoughts about the place. So it is considered more convenient to commence your research and choose wisely according to what fits your investment budget.

Your choices may vary depending on whether you wish to manage the property or hire a property management company to do the job for you. If you wish to manage, then you should not consider buying property too far away from you, but if you choose the latter, proximity is hardly a concern.

Key Points to Consider


One needs to be extremely wary of the neighborhood in which they are investing as that will significantly affect the tenants you may receive. Also, be more conscious and alert because a few towns demean the idea of rental conversions and charge a hefty amount. Living in a neighborhood with amiable families as-well-as basic facilities within reach are always some of the most crucial factors to take into account.

Property Taxes

Keeping track of property taxes wherever you wish to invest is also crucial, considering the escalated rates. Trying to find a place with diminutive property taxes would indeed lead to monetary savings; however, high rates in exchange for a decent ambience seem worth the trade.


When moving in with family, it is only natural to look for a decent local school in the neighborhood vicinity. This will save you the trouble of sending away your kid too far to study, while at the same time, ensuring premium education.


Living amidst hotspots and areas of elevated criminal activity would probably be the last thing that anyone would want to check off of their list while purchasing a rental property. You must always go through the criminal activities, and reports of vandalism, brutal or petty crimes as-well-as keep track of the advancing direction of the crime rate. Check with the local police or the public library for previous records on criminal activities and unlawful activities.

Job Market

Places where employment opportunities are proliferating by the day are in vogue and naturally attract more tenants who are wandering in search of work or have been transferred. Your renters are bound to like such a place to call their home, with the ease of accessibility and other perks offered. The neighborhood is highly likely to flock up once a renowned industry or company establishes a branch there.


Tour the surroundings properly and take a stroll through the markets to ensure that you are within reach of what you need. Keep an eye out for basic recreational amenities like parks, gyms, restaurants, public transportation facilities, movie theaters, and other gathering halls, so one gets time to indulge in recreational habits and healthy activities.

Summing Up

Every state in the country will have good cities, decent neighborhood, each with its unique characteristics. It would take a fair amount of research and scouting before you can land on one to purchase.

Always choose a property that meets all your demands while staying in the budget instead of bursting through the roof in terms of financial investments. Keep your pocket healthy enough that you can wait for the property to generate cash for you rather than being restless about it.


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