Staff Profile

Accountants/ Property Accountants – Junior

Accountants having 1 to 2 years of experience in US accounting work and overall accounting experience is about 3 to 4 years. They typically have an undergraduate degree in accounting with a fluency in written English. Junior accountants typically handle accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R), reconciliations, simple payroll and other routine entry level accounting activities. They update and maintain records concerning all expenditures of the company including credit cards of the company and employees reimbursement reports. They are responsible for the processing of vendor invoices (2 way matching with POs and/or 3-way matching with POs and good receipts/packing slips), monitor and reviewing aged payables and payment processing. They can also prepare vendor or customer statements for reconciliation purposes and any supporting documentation for AP and AR processes. For our CPA clients, they handle write-up accounting work including entry of data from bank and credit card statements, bank and credit card reconciliation and simple month end journal entries leading up to simple year end finalization. All the junior accountants are supervised by a senior level accountant.

They are not suitable for work involving complicated accounting work, detailed management reporting, financial statement preparation, extensive communication with multiple client employees or vendors.

Accountants/ Property Accountants – Junior Experienced

Accountants having 2 to 4 years of experience in US accounting. The overall accounting experience is about 6 to 7 years. They typically have a masters (graduate) degree in accounting with a fluency in written and spoken English. The main duties and responsibilities of these accountants are to reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts, prepare general ledgers entries and handle complex AP and AR processes. These accountants prepare financial statements including income and expenditure tabulation, payables, receivables, reconciliations, general ledger maintenance and management reporting with variance analysis as per client’s pre-defined requirement. These accountants assist in preparation of the audit schedules and work closely with the senior accountant to ensure the timely completion of work. These accountants typically have worked in several accounting software and can quickly learn the functionalities of new software. They also have good spreadsheet skills and hence are suited for processes involving substantial management reporting activities.

They are not suitable for work involving extensive financial modeling, detailed financial projections and complex financial analysis. They may be working independently or being supervised by a senior accountant depending on complexity and scale of the process.

Accountants/ Property Accountants – Senior

Senior accountants have 4 to 6 years of experience in US and Canadian accounting. The overall accounting experience is about 7 to 10 years. They typically have an advanced degree in accounting with a fluency in written and verbal English communication skills. They have experience across different industries like manufacturing, real estate, retail, construction, logistics and professional services firms (CPAs).  In addition to the activities handled by experienced accountant, a senior accountant is responsible for applying accounting principles and procedure in analyzing financial information. He/She will review the payable, payroll distribution, cash and fixed assets. He compiles and analyzes financial information to prepare financial statements for monthly and annual accounts. His job ensures that the financial reporting meets every deadline. He is capable of preparing budgets and is responsible for subsidiary accounting records involving a variety of accounts and transactions.

A major portion of the senior accountant work is towards planning the migration phase at the beginning of the engagement and monitoring team sizes ranging from four to ten accountants.

Senior Analyst

Senior Analysts are specialist profiles used for financial modeling, business plan formulation, business research and financial analysis processes. They have a masters degree in Business Administration or a Chartered Accountant (CA) level advanced accounting degree. They typically have three to five years of rich experience in financial analysis and modeling. They are responsible for preparation of project reports, financial modeling, management reporting (including dashboards), analysis of financial statements, simple valuations and other custom tasks.

A high proportion of well qualified staff members with good international accounting and outsourcing experience is our key strength areas. It helps us deliver on client expectations and service levels consistently across the years. A brief snapshot of our staffing profiles is provided below.

Educational Qualification

Every processing and review staff member is at least an accounting graduate with a majority of them having an intermediate or an advanced degree in accounting and business administration.

CA Inter is an intermediate chartered accountancy qualification. CAs refers to Chartered Accountants.

International Accounting Experience

Majority of our staff members have international (US/Canadian) accounting experience between 3 and 6+ years, higher than the average industry standards. Our employee retention rates are one of the highest in our industry thereby ensuring a high degree of reliability and consistency in process performance.