Accounting Services for Retail & Ecommerce Companies

30-50% Cost Savings

Skilled Employees

300+ Clients in USA

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Accounting Services for Retail & Ecommerce Companies

OHI is a 16 year old outsourced accounting firm. We offer a wide range of back office support services. We will take care of almost every task essential in day to day functioning of a retail and eCommerce business at very competitive and affordable rates. Our back office support professionals can efficiently handle tasks like accounting, inventory management, order processing, answering customers’ emails and phone calls.

Accounting Services for Retail & Ecommerce Companies

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting

High Cost Savings

Realize cost reductions of 30%-50%

Grow Without Overheads

Scale up and down based on your needs

Focus on Core Business

Focus on running the business instead of managing books

Flexible Staffing

Use us as full-time, part-time or on as needed basis

Specialized Expertise

Access to best practices derived from 300+ businesses

Outsourcing Accounting Services

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The indicative standard charges for Junior and Senior Accountant roles are listed below. Custom packages of 25, 50 and 80 hours per month are available.

Hourly Charges



Junior Accountant


Full-time staffing (160 hours per month)

Staff Accountant


Full-time staffing (160 hours per month)

Staff Profile


Accounting Outsourcing for Ecommerce Firms

Accounting Outsourcing for Ecommerce Firms

The e-commerce industry has transformed the competition when it comes to growth. Today, more and more consumers are moving online as they are now gaining access to levels of ease and transparency far ahead of what long-established retail set-ups can […]

  • February 20, 2017
  • admin@ohi
5 Key Parameters to Help You Choose an Accounting Outsourcing Firm

5 Key Parameters to Help You Choose an Accounting Outsourcing Firm

One aspect of your business that you can’t afford to neglect is accounting. Fortunately, with the advent of technology and the rise of virtual accounting services, you now have a way to streamline your financial operations and enjoy several benefits.  […]

  • September 20, 2019
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Factors Influencing Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Success [Infographic]

Factors Influencing Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Success [Infographic]

Outsourcing Finance & Accounting (F&A) role has been a popular trend today. The main benefits of accounting outsourcing include cost reduction, efficient processes and accurate reporting. Aside from this, it has helps the business owners to focus on core competencies. […]

  • June 12, 2020
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Client Profile

A mid sized rapidly growing furniture distribution and retailing company based out of Idaho in USA, supplying a large retail companies like Home Depot as well as retail customers.

Client Profile

A luxury resort wear firm based in UK known for signature silhouettes, a feminine aesthetic and distinctive designer beachwear.

Client Profile

An online store selling a vast range of luggage related products like suitcases. The company’s website has one of the largest hits in this category.

Client Profile

A fast growing mid size retail chain based in Toronto, Canada. This chain has about 15 franchisees across Canada.

Client Profile

A niche and fast growing retail consultancy company based in Ohio, USA providing data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics services to retail stores and manufacturers.

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    Q. How much experience does your team have in the ecommerce business?

    Our senior management team and operating team has a sound knowledge and good understanding of ecommerce specific processes as a part of our team was closely involved in setting and running a fully fledged ecommerce business for four years. This close involvement in execution of an ecommerce venture has given us a ringside view of the different ecommerce processes such as marketing, cataloging, price and inventory management, sourcing and shipments. Additionally, we have served multiple retail and online stores, who have used us for accounting and back-end processes.

    Q. How cost effective your services will be for my ecommerce business?

    A key driver for outsourcing is the high cost savings associated with it. Our clients typically experience cost savings ranging from 30%-60% depending on the nature of business, process complexity, existing onshore costs etc. There are numerous other advantages that make outsourcing a significant value creating proposition. The flexibility in staffing structure enables firms to higher more during the busy holiday season and lower staffing levels in lean seasons. Many small ecommerce shops work with part-time on shore staff to reduce costs. They can easily higher full-time dedicated employees, resulting in faster completion of work such as updating catalogue, modifying stock and price levels, better responses to issues and challenges. In sum, clients see cost savings, better operations and faster responses to order trends.

    Q. Why should I need catalog management services after setting up my website?

    The success of your ecommerce website depends heavily on quality and depth of your product catalog, its freshness (particularly in apparel and electronics), quality and way of presentation. For E-Commerce businesses, it’s probably the most important consideration while building website, it is unfortunately, can often remain unchanged after the initial few months. A catalog update service enables you to bring new SKUs LIVE faster, update product descriptions, phase out old items and run new promotions and prices.

    Q. What kind of “Back End” services do you offer?

    We can provide you accounting, price monitoring, order processing and catalogue management services. For detail information about each section click here E-Commerce Services.

    Q. Can I see all of my accounts in real time or I have to wait before I have access to information from you?

    It depends upon volume of your business and your reporting requirements. One can see books of account in real time through ONLINE accounting software which can serve only small business entrepreneur. We recommend desktop version of software for the mid & large size firms. We can provide you all the reports & data within fortnight as and when required by you.

    Q. Will I required to supervise the whole e-commerce process outsource to you?

    We assign dedicated team to perform your services so that you can focus completely on increasing your business. Once the initial transition is over, most processes require minimal intervention from your end. However the smooth running of any process depends on right staffing, well documented processes and a smooth information flow.