Six Tips for Efficient and Accurate Lease Abstracting

  • September 19, 2022
  • OHI

Lease abstraction refers to the process of condensing and deriving key clauses or provisions in leases and related lease documents to make it easier for tenants to comprehend the terms and conditions of leasing space from the landowner’s property. 

Lease abstracting could be a slightly complicated process beginning with critical elements like terms, options amendments, rent schedules, etc., then transitioning into an effective portfolio organization. 

So here are some proven, easy-to-follow tips on systematic and precise lease abstraction.

1. Prepare a Checklist

Most experts follow a conventional list of lease components, such as income/expense, commencement/expiry, lease options, etc.

However, it’s also crucial to consider other elements that are most significant to your approach and the lease provisions that influence your real estate’s value.

2. Plan out a Timeline

Irrespective of the number of times a lease gets amended or renewed, each comes with a distinct timeframe. It’s crucial to commence by documenting your lease at the beginning of the abstracting process. 

Additionally, an effective approach would be to work backwards while abstracting a lease with multiple revisions. The most recent addendum comes first, followed by the initial lease.

3. Strategize for Crucial Dates

After establishing a timeline, compile a list of the important dates you’ll mention in the lease. By doing so, you can be sure to pay attention to crucial components like an option alert timeframe.

Decide on a framework for your reminders specifying their frequency, the content layout, and the time slot you want to be informed of before the day arrives.

4. Maintain a Constantly Updated List of Queries and Vital Information

There can be moments while abstracting that you find you’re lacking data, or some aspects in your timeline really don’t add together. So, a healthy practice is to maintain a spreadsheet tool with these queries organized by lease.

5. Complete Each Lease Abstract in One Go

Ideally, this is the best course of action to take, if at all feasible. When you take an extended break, it’s easy to lose the specifics of a lease since each one has a different timeline.

6. Keep a Copy of the Lease Language for Future Use

When you require an instant refresher, this comes in so handy. Don’t just end up by mentioning the page number; go on adding further specifics. The language should be copied and pasted in an accessible location, such as spreadsheets.

Bonus: Leverage the Latest Software Tools

Numerous robust software tools can come in handy throughout the lease abstracting process. Document converters, spreadsheet applications, and relatively simpler scheduling management applications are among the most basic technological tools. 

Although each of these tools is beneficial, there comes a juncture when they are no more the best option. In such a scenario, you would need to switch to more specialized AI-enabled tech solutions. 


Everyone employs a different method or strategy for abstracting because leases vary in terms of arrangements and configurations.

By implementing the above-mentioned tips, you can streamline the lease abstracting process conveniently, make it hassle-free to access the lease documents, and seamlessly make amendments when the situation demands.


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