What is a Rent Roll?

  • February 24, 2022
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Buying a real estate property and putting it up for rent is a great source of income these days. The property owners either put their assets on rent for residential or commercial purposes. Obviously, the target is to get rent at the end of the month. They often create and manage rent roll that is nothing but a representation that the property owners use to manage the rent collections from time to time. This also shows the rental income from the real estate property. A commercial rent roll is a major aspect of running a real estate business.

Rent Roll Analysis: What It Is All About

A common question for many ends up being “what is rent roll analysis?” Managing the rent roll and getting the right information from it is often termed as rent roll analysis. As a matter of fact, a perfectly-designed rent roll sheet includes all the related information that is needed to manage all the rent accounts. This rent roll real estate statement is very effective for the properties that provide shelter to multiple families or commercial institutions. The property owners need to update their sheets immediately after receiving the rents from the tenants, be it commercial or residential.

A property Rent Roll can be used to:

  • Analyze potential properties for acquisition: A thorough analysis gives insights into how lucrative a property could be in the long run. The return on rent, the predictive return on rent, the taxes, the market value, and the cost of maintenance along with other expenses are assessed.
  • Tracking the performance of your property management company: When you will have insights on the current property rent roll, you will be able to know areas where you can work to increase the property demand as well as value. Additionally, you can work on a better management strategy to get rents on time. Rent roll analysis can become an important factor to consider for your business needs.

A thorough review of the rent roll is a must when you analyze a multifamily property for acquisition. This is essential to get an individual insight into the renters and estimate the potential liabilities of profits of the property.

Essential Information Included in the Rent Roll

  • Unit number and unit type
  • The area in Square Unit
  • Resident/Occupant’s name
  • Dates of moving-in and move-out
  • The term of Lease along with the date of its expiration
  • Rent amount
  • Security deposit amount
  • Additional income, like parking lot fees, etc
  • All other charges that may include late fine etc
  • Amount paid and balance due

While making a multifamily rent roll analysis, you must be very sure about considering all the occupants of the said property. The roll must have all the information in a distinctive and updated manner. Keeping the records clear and manage everything in black and white is a tough job but it certainly keeps the accounts in the most trusted format. Rent Roll analysis has many benefits to the business overall.

It is quite clear that responsibility of the property owners is maximum here as he owns the right to get rent from the tenants and maintain the records in the rent roll promptly.

How is a Rent Roll Determined?

A Commercial rent roll first calculates the rent of the individual units alongside the sum of each unit’s rent for the property. A rent roll first calculates the rent of the individual units alongside the sum of each unit’s rent for the property. Thus, easy access to the anticipated rent is made available, The property owner and the manager would not have to skim through all the lease papers one by one to access the needed information such as the rent due dates, lease renewal date and the amount of due rent along with the CAM costs (if applicable) every month. Then it involves writing down and tallying the amount of rent collected. This helps to determine which units have paid the entire rent and which units have been going into debt.

Who will use the Rent Roll and Why?

A rent roll is used by several stakeholders. These are some rent roll examples for their uses:


Investors are eminent people who have the capital to buy shares or equity within a niche. They expect a certain amount of profit for each investment they make. A rent analysis would give them the chance to assess the lucrative potential of the property and see if there is a scope for more output with adequate investments.


As mentioned earlier, rent roll analysis helps the landowner to calculate the profits and losses of the property.

Mortgage Brokers: 

Brokers who give money by mortgaging the receiver’s property check the rent rolls to know whether the property is worth the principal or not.


If you want to take a loan of any type from the bank by giving your property as a mortgage, the bank will assess each and every aspect strictly. The rent roll will determine your interest rate as well as the principal amount. If the rent roll fails to meet the standards, banks straightaway decline the loan application.

Property Managers:

Property managers make more frequent use of the rent roll to find what are the reasons for the decline in business and the contributors to turnover.

How to Increase the Rent Roll

A landowner can increase the rent roll by increasing the amount of investment in the property:

  • Provide all the Essentials: Make sure that basic amenities like water supply is of good quality and in abundance. Install the necessary filter systems and maintain them from time to time. Additionally, you can install a power generator to keep a constant supply of electricity
  • Lighting: Enhance the ambience of the place with lights. This will also add security to the property.
  • Review Rent Concessions: Rent concessions can be revised when the new leases are prepared. Make sure that you have convincing reasons to take them away.
  • Make Required Repairs: Broken stairs, leakage in pipelines, or any other dysfunction within the building can decrease the property value. Hence make all the amends on time.
  • Increase Security: You can hire a security guard to enhance the security of the property or install CCTVs.

Get the Rent Roll Checked and Verified by Professional Accountants

Since the amount of income is taxable, therefore the property owners must keep things transparent. Getting the commercial rent roll checked and verified every year by the professional and certified accountants can keep them free from all liabilities. This is conducive to maintaining a peaceful dynamic between the renters and the landlord and will be fulfilling for future commercial relations. You can opt for a QuickBooks rent roll verification in this regard.

These were some of the most fundamental aspects related to the concept of rent roll analysis. It is imperative that you seek direct assistance from experts to gain more knowledge about this concept. Professional accountants will guide you in every step of the way and will ensure that all your financial statements and books are maintained throughout the year.

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