What is Yardi Voyager?

  • March 23, 2020
  • admin@ohi

Yardi Voyager is a software that assists in the management of commercial and residential properties. It offers a vast array of benefits to the real estate industry and assists in the management of both commercial and residential properties.

Yardi Voyager Features

A question that may come to mind is what is yardi software used for?

Yardi as a real estate programme can provide a large variety of benefits, and it can function well as a real estate software. The software has helped to smoothen the process of accounting for various real estate companies and is widely used by firms all around the world. Yardi real estate software has the following solutions as a part of its system. Here is the list of benefits that Yardi Voyager provides.

Market Specific Solutions

Yardi software provides platform solutions that are specific to the target market. It offers housing solutions to segments like commercial buildings, public buildings, multifamily dwellings, military housing and cost-effective housing.

Single Data Base for All Real Estate Related Critical Information and Important Workflows

All the information related to business, properties, transactions, rental agreements, and process of accounting is available in one centralized location. This information is readily available at any given point of time, which makes it easy to access. This saves time and increases the productivity of staff.

Boosts Operational Efficiency and Increases Business Acumen

Yardi Voyager can also handle business operations and processes like leasing with ease. Enabling you to get rid of multiple platforms as Voyager does it all single-handedly. In the process, streamlining the entire operation.

Facilitate Accounting

Yardi software has an added accounting feature that has all commonly used accounting principles. The user can create multiple accounting books that further facilitate the recording of financial transactions. Yardi Voyager features include inter-company accounts and segmented accounting.

Yardi at its core is accounting software and it makes accounting for real estate businesses accessible and easy to do. It helps to identify the loopholes present and minimizes the chances of making errors. Thus, the final records are accurate which helps the business to manage its finances and formulate budgets in an effective manner.

Compatibility with Mobile Application

Yardi Voyager has a mobile application that can be easily used on any smartphone by property owners, managers, and employees on the go.

The Flexibility of Integration with Other Yardi Products

Yardi Voyager can be integrated with other Yardi products that offer complete solutions for different types of processes like marketing, facilities management, customer management, etc.

Prompt Notifications

Yardi Voyager is user-friendly, and the user can set the deadlines for the tasks in the system. Users are notified about the deadlines via email, ensuring that no deadline is ever missed.

Yardi software facilitates the storage and processing of documentation with accuracy and a high degree of efficiency. Users can customize documents as per their needs. The software also offers a variety of templates for the creation of forms and reports.

Yardi Voyager is the perfect product for the management of all property-related work. Most of the packages offer free training on the use of Yardi Software. As the software uses the latest technology, users that are not computer savvy may have initial teething problems, but those can be easily resolved with training and practice.

Yardi Pricing

Yardi charges an affordable fee of $1 per unit for one month. The pricing is bundled at $100 a month for residential properties and $200 for commercial portfolios. Additional charges may be applicable as per transaction services. Yardi offers customizable plans which enable users to use what is required and let go of things that they don’t find useful. This is especially valid because it saves a considerable amount of money and resources for property managers and owners.

The pricing of Yardi accounting software is formulated in a specific way, such that the amenities offered by the software system can be availed by business all round the world, regardless of its size and scale. Flexible prices that are affordable make yardi real estate software the best in the world.


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