5 Characteristics of a Highly Effective Business Dashboard

  • January 23, 2018
  • admin@ohi

A highly effective business dashboard keeps track of key performance indicators with business intelligence features. Real estate dashboards are highly efficient and contribute to better business outcomes. These dashboards also deliver ease in work execution for internal employees as well as agents. Any business performance dashboard has certain characteristics that help in taking proper business-related decisions. The business dashboard helps in data analysis and is customizable too. Apart from these features, every business dashboard has following characteristics:

1. Simplicity

The primary motto behind designing and developing a business dashboard is to make work simpler. In real estate industry, agents, as well as investors, are offered excellent and simple dashboards that deliver important data within the fraction of seconds and in a simpler way. Specifically, in real estate business, investors spend most of the time in calculating and comparing rates with different properties. This valuable time is saved with help of a real estate dashboard.

2. Filters

Business intelligence dashboards offer advanced filter options that help the user to extract exact data that is needed. There are various types of filters that enable data comparison by offering data according to time, data according to demography, data according to activities, etc.

3. Stats

Statistics are crucial and difficult to analyze. Business dashboards display certain statistics about the performance of the business or a particular activity. These pictorial formats of data help understand current scenarios and save time as well as efforts.

4. Security

This is the most important characteristic of any dashboard. Every real estate business includes a large number of employees, agents, and other investors. The data is kept secured by these dashboards and no unauthorized activities are allowed. This security factor increases reliableness and assures transparency.

5. Notifications

A good real-time business dashboard possesses the characteristic of alerting and notifying one about important updates, changes, and problems. These business dashboards alert users about bad performance and indicate changes needed for the betterment of the business.

These 5 characteristics of business intelligence dashboard help in business progress and save the time of employees. Real estate dashboards with above characteristics enable right and accurate decision making and enhance service quality.

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