Understanding The Lease Abstraction Process


Lease abstraction process refers to the way in which the important or crucial points covered in a real estate lease agreement are summarized. A lease abstract summarizes the key aspects of a lease agreement from a legal, business, and financial point of view. A reader can understand the salient features of a lease agreement by simply reading the lease abstract, which can save a lot of time and effort.

Understanding a Lease Abstract

Making proper lease abstracts is the quickest way to keep track of all lease agreements that have been entered into by a company or an individual. Several companies enter into numerous lease agreements with different parties. A lease abstract can be made for a single property or a whole portfolio of properties.

If several properties are involved, then it becomes more crucial for companies to undertake a lease abstraction process. A lease abstract allows you to keep track of all the crucial information that forms part of a lease agreement. It summarizes information such as the commencement date and expiration of a lease, the obligations of the tenant and the landlord, the terms of payment, as well as logistical details.

The lease abstract mentions the clause in which this information has been set out in the lease agreement so that a person reading the lease abstract can easily find the relevant clause in a lease agreement for more detailed understanding.

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Why is Making a Lease Abstract Essential?

A lease agreement can be a complex document and can be almost a hundred pages long. Most of the information contained in a lease agreement is routine information and standard clauses. However, a lease agreement also contains some crucial information that all parties to the lease agreement must be aware of.

Having a lease abstract made is an easy way for a party to a lease agreement to keep themselves aware of the important aspects of the lease agreement. Instead of having to go through hundreds of pages of complex legal language, the party can simply read half a page of the legal abstract to keep themselves abreast with the necessary information. Undergoing a lease abstraction process becomes more crucial if there are more than one lease agreements involved. If it is difficult to read and understand one lease agreement, doing so for a hundred lease agreements is even more difficult.

What is the Essential Information That Needs to be Present in a Lease Abstract?

A lease abstract should provide all the information that a lessee or a landlord needs to know about a lease agreement. From the outset, a well-drafted lease abstract should define the key terms contained in the lease agreement that need to be known before the parties sign the agreement.

The lease abstract will contain information such as the commencement and expiration of the lease, the duties and obligations of both parties, the terms of payment, when can rent be increased, whether the lease can be renewed, who is responsible for the maintenance of the property, and who needs to undertake the cost of improvements to the property.

The lease abstract will provide an outline of the lease agreement so that the reader can understand and act on the information. The primary purpose of a lease abstract is to save time, effort, and money.

How is a Lease Abstract Made?

For a lease abstract to be effective, the crucial and important clauses contained in a lease agreement need to be identified and summarized in the lease abstract. A well-drafted lease abstract will cater to the needs of the parties of a lease agreement and provide the information that they require. Unlike a lease agreement which is meant to be interpreted in a court of law, a lease abstract is meant to be read and understood by the parties to the lease agreement.


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